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The First Regalia

In August of preparation for the formation of Vindheim as a Principality, then Northern Regional Seneschal Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe put out a request for proposals for Principality Regalia and other needful items. Several artisans stepped up to answer the call!

Initial Regalia and Accoutrements Bids
Item Artisan
Sword of State Team Lead: Gassion de Beaumarchais
Court Coronets Team Lead: Cassius Leapus. Artisans: Countess Katrionna MacLochlainn, Sir Barn Silveraxe, His Excellency, Maighstir Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair and Lord Skjǫldúlfr Hildibjarnarson.
Thrones A Namron Collective
Field Coronets Aldric de Kerr
Field Cups Andrew Turnbull
Kneeling Benches Yancy Alfsson
Largess Box Micolay Haiduk
Herald's Book Rwsa Georgette
Herald's Tabard Kyna Terricsdottir
Field Tabards Kyna Terricsdottir
Principality Banner Zubeydah

Sword of State

  • Wanting the Sword of State to be a group effort, Gassion de Beaumarchais hosted a number of work sessions at his shop, allowing anyone to some and put in a few blows on the blade. Additional key members of the team included:
  • Alisandre Oliphant offered up very special materials for the sword's construction: Ebony from the Lion medallion worn by Riccardo di Pisa. Her words: "Vindheim Firstborn: Most of you have heard the name Riccardo di Pisa - great heart of Ansteorra, so tireless in his enthusiasm for the kingdom and WAR that even now, a street at Pennsic bears his name. His personality and approach typify much of what make Ansteorra uniquely Ansteorra. He was also a friend. in 1988, the Crown asked me to accept a Laurel. At the time, vigils for peerages other than knights were rare, as was the custom of having other peerages speak for you. But I had heard of it and asked Riccardo to speak as my Knight. I made gifts for those who spoke, and for Riccardo, I made a Lion medallion of Osage orange, inlaid with an ebony star and bearing an ivory lion (scrap ivory was legal at the time). While I was holding vigil, I sent my herald and a gift-bearer to Riccardo to formally present it in thanks and appreciation and honor. (I had someone video the presentations: I have it somewhere.) Riccardo held the medallion until he passed, and his lady, gracious Aislinn, brought it to the Kingdom (I think; maybe she presented it to another Lion; I heard of this long after). The new Lion wore it, then passed it to another, and another. I don't know how many have worn it, but Ivarr runamagi holds it now. It seems to have become a relic of both Riccardo and of the Lions. in 1988, I had searched for the darkest, straightest-grained, most beautiful ebony I could find to use for Riccardo's medallion. And I still have it. I am honored that Gassion will accept it to use as part of Vindheim's sword grip, so that the same ebony from Riccardo's Lion medallion would go forward with your sword of state." Gassion adds: "This is a legacy sword, with instant heritage in the making. Supported throughout Ansteorra, via such gifts as well as time and artistry. I hope you all agree, that no other way would be as meaningful and that we owe great thanks to all that have contributed and donated to this sword." Jan w Orzeldom notes: "Ansteorra's current sword of State was Riccardo's sword, donated when the original (Ebony Blade) was lost - so, another resonance." Alas, this gift was not able to be included in the sword, and it was returned to Mistress Alisandre.



Coronets and Clothing

Formal Coronets

The first formal coronets of Vindheim were the collaborative work of Master Kyrus Logisson and Mistress Kat MacLochlainn, with countless hours of help from Sir Barn Silveraxe, Baron Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair and Skjoldulfr Hildibjarnarson. They were created as a gift/donation to the Principality.

Field Coronets

The field coronets were designed to mirror the formal coronets, but are entirely made of leather. They are the work of Aldric de Kerr.

Field Tabards

A Field Tabard was created for the Coronet by Mistress Kyna Terricsdottir. It was first worn by His Highness Romanius at Mooneschadowe Provincial Games during the melees that chose his Heavy Weapons Champion.

Support Items

Herald's Tabard

Herald's Book

The concept of the Herald's book was that it would be the work of many hands - that it would travel the breadth of the Principality and that artisans from each group would tool and paint the device of the Shire, Canton, Barony or Province on its surface. Rwsa Georgette spearheaded the project. (List of artisans needed)
The device of the Canton of Wyldewode was tooled and painted by Bulvyn Gunderson

Largess Box

Entourage Bags

The matching pair of entourage bags were tooled, painted and assembled by Aldric de Kerr. They were designed with as many useful pockets a possible.


Place Settings

  • December 11, 2021: Two place settings were made and presented at the Premier Coronet Tourney by Spanghollow Pottery.

Field Cups

  • Dec 11, 2021: A pair of leather field cups was made and presented at the Premier Coronet Tourney by Baron Andrew Turnbull. Please see photos below.

Other Contributions

Remnant of the Knight's Chain of Koris Natterhelm
  • Jan w Orzeldom, via the words of his lady, Alisandre Oliphant, offered up a singular treasure: "Koris Natterhelm was the first Ansteorran to be a King, back when we were a region; he was a king of Atenveldt. Ansteorra's first Prince, Sean McFlamm, and our first King, Jonathan, were his squires. He spearheaded our own effort to become a Principality. When Koris left Ansteorra, he gave Jan his knight's chain, and bid him give a link to each new Ansteorran knight. Jan did this until the chain was so small he could no longer wear it. Some older knights still have the odd link on their chains." The remaining links were offered to Vindheim's artisans, to work into Regalia, to help tie Ansteorra's first Principality to its deep history. (Other artisans that asked for a single link included Beorhlic Folcwineson and Beatrix Alfray. The Thrones team gratefully accepted the offer of links, but ultimately they were not used.

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