Vindheim Champions Insignia

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This page documents the efforts of artisans creating items of insignia for the Champions of Vindheim.

Rapier Champion

Princess' Champion

From time to time, it pleases Her Highness of Vindheim to designate a personal champion. At Her discretion, a personal token may be granted to designate Her favor.

Heavy Combat Champion

A stout mantle of linen with applique was made by Kyna Terricsdottir.

Cut & Thrust Champion

The sword used for our Cut & Thrust Champion was donated by the Estate of Ulrich von Budigen. For those who did not know him, Ulrich lived in Northkeep and was passionate about the Society. He asked his family to donate his treasured items to the Barony, Principality, and Kingdom in which he spent so much valued time. The sword was presented to the Principality Seneschal, Rebekah Aleyn, at the Vindheim Premier Coronet Tourney and kept safe. Karl Thorgirsson expressed his willingness to replace the modern scabbard prior to its presentation at the first Champion tournament, and Johann von Aue (the first Cut & Thrust Champion) upgraded the weapon in his charge with a fine set of belts.

Archery Champion

The Archery Champion receives an exquisitely painted and crafted bracer made by Isabeau Wynter.

Thrown Weapons Champion