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Registered Name: Rwsa Georgette
Resides: Northkeep
Status: Active
Joined SCA: Prior to 1990
Order of Precedence
Rene of Mooneschadowe
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Lady Rwsa Georgette

Previously known as: Rachel, Rene of Mooneschadowe, Taffline gwraig Augustus


  • Local Offices Held
    • Minister of Children, Barony of Northkeep. 2018 to 2020

Persona History:

My character is a Hungarian Magyar woman from the 1400's. While she isn't nobility, she has standing in the community because of her age. Older women are midwives, brewers, soap makers, herb collectors, first and second aid and they prepared the bodies for funerals. I've done many of these things in my mundane life and felt it was appropriate. Rwsa is Hungarian for Rose and my mother's maiden name. In Magyar culture, sometimes women of a certain age and standing would take up their mother's maiden names.

I am proud to be married to Lauren Augusten, I am proud to have my own identity and persona. I love the colors and patterns and the multiple cultures that are represented by this region. Magyar Hungary was a vast region, invaded by Ottoman Turks, Persians, Germanic Boyars. Their history is inextricable with Romania and Vlad Tepesh. The Austro Hungarian Duke Ferdinand's bombing was the start of WWI and the roots of that are in the middle ages.

We consider Medieval life as hard and brutal and it was, but it was filled with capable people who survived scarlet fever which was untreated strep throat, plague, pox' of many kinds, influenza's and so much more. Only two of six children lived to adulthood, so birthing and burying were often closely tied together.

This woman could do it all. Harvest, wash, gather lanolin from, card and weave wool. She could brew a bier, make a meal, grow a garden to feed and treat injury. She could make clothing from the cloth she wove and her house never went cold or hungry.

I love having just a little bit of her in my life.


A little of everything!

  • Rapier: "At my second Event - a Namron Beltane - I saw some guys there dressed like the Three Musketeers, working with swords. I wandered over and started asking questions. Don Giacomo spent two hours teaching me the rudiments of 'light weapons.' It was fantastic!"
  • Cut and Thrust steel fighting. I fight saber, side sword, arming sword, and out side of the SCA I include small sword. I enjoy tournaments but spend a great deal of my time in drill. My instructors include Scholar Johann von Aue, Bryan Smith, Baron Facon du Pray and Baron Gassion de Beaumarchais
  • Scribal Arts
  • Archery: Learning from Arthur Blackmoon
  • Herb-craft and gardening
  • Dance
  • Glass blowing
  • Medieval Cooking - I have participated in the kitchen of at least five Baronial Feasts with Rachel de Narbonne and with Miguel Neves de Lisboa
  • Garb and faux decorations
  • Inkle weaving
  • Stained glass
  • Leather work and carving and painting
  • Viking wire weaving
  • Spinning and dying of wool
  • Animal husbandry
  • Research
  • Medieval Mycology
  • Brewing - I prefer short biers and switchel
  • Teaching
  • Music - I play recorder and a little piano and I used to do drumming

Timeline of Activity:

1993: Started off in the Wastelands in Enid, Oklahoma. Later moved to Mooneschadowe while going to school there.
2009: Moved to The Barony of Northkeep
2017: While continuing my studies in Medieval history, and encouraging participation in the Kingdom and Baronial guilds, I took up the art and practice of steel combat. I particularly love and strive to improve in the area of Cut and Thrust. I work with saber, rapier, side sword and many of the associated tools of this art. I also began to study with the local HEMA instructor (Jon Eppler) who is also SCA: Johann von Aue. Since then I have participated in a HEMA Scholar's Prize, where I demonstrated my knowledge of British Saber. Johann has since honored me by taking me as a student.
2019: I was honored by Her Excellency Cristyana Lambrecht with a rose token for honor on the list in the Prime Queens Rose Cut and Thrust tourney held at 40th year. The next day at court, she honored me again, by calling upon me as her inspiration. I was also honored to participate in the first Pas de la Rouge, sponsored by His Excellency Gassion de Beaumarchais and administered by His Grace Hrafn Olafsson.

Prior Groups

Shire of Mooneschadowe

Populace Provided Information:

Sheika Zubeydah al-Badawiyyah

(November, 2011) Taffline came to my rescue last year, when I needed help with a project for the Battlemoor Gift basket. She very kindly did some original scribal artwork for a 'Walker of the Way' award insignia. It turned out beautifully! Photo Here

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:

  • Currently spearheading a baronial level herbalism and apothecary guild in Northkeep. This has come to fruition and we have monthly meetings.
  • Spearheaded a movement to establish a Kingdom wide Herbalism and Apothecary Guild, based on the works of Seamus O'Calleigh of An Tir. Jehanna De Montebahn made the final trip to Houston to accomplish a meeting in the Southern region. Our Kingdom Charter was signed by Their Majesties, Miguel and Conal in the presence of Their Majesties Vlad and Margaret at their stepping down. The charter can be seen on our Kingdom of Ansteorra Herbalism and Apothecary website.
  • Participated in the 2020 Fire and Ice event held by the Barony of Eldern Hills, whereupon I began my tenure as their Bardic Champion.


Mundane Information:

2000 : Graduated BA Art History, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, with a Minor Graphic Design
2003 : Graduated AAS MMDC Multi Media Digital Communication, Post Production and Communication, Northern Oklahoma College, Tonkawa

Currently the owner and operator of the King's Medieval Faire in Glenpool, Oklahoma, held the first weekend of November. We are going into our fifth year of operations. This venue provides a demo opportunity for the Barony of Northkeep and many other non profit organizations - as well as being a jolly good time!