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Ivarr runamagi, Lion of Ansteorra
Registered Name: Ivar Runamagi
Resides: Bjornsborg
Status: Active
Joined SCA: 1984
Order of Precedence
Ivar Runamagi
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Azure, a battleaxe bendwise sinister argent, hafted Or, maintained by a bear's jamb palewise, in dexter chief an increscent argent.

His Excellency, Master Ivarr runamagi, OP, Defender of the Dream

Previously Known As: I began my time in the SCA as Ivar Skalagrimr, but the heralds didn’t like it so I changed it to Ivar Skalagrimsson. The heralds once again didn’t like it. So for a brief period I was Ivar of Bjornsborg. Then I found my name, Ivarr runamagi, and have used it ever since, took a bit for the heralds to understand my name, but when they did, it passed.

Additional Registered Heraldry:


  • Kingdom Offices Held
    • Zodiacus Herald
Lo, but a short time ago...

Persona History:

For Ivarr this is, according to my educated and Christian wife, the year 970. I am from Sandefjord, in the Vestfold, in what is now Norway. I was born in the Jarldom of Sandefjord, son of the Jarl of Sandefjord, Jorund Ivarsson. As his eldest son I was to become Jarl upon his death.

One day my brother and I were hunting for a stag in the hills to the west of the town when we saw a large column of smoke coming from where the town was. We ran back and came upon what once had been a thriving town on the shore of the Sandefjord. Almost every building had been burned to the ground and almost everyone left there was dead, or close to it. We could see ships sailing away down the fjord and they were easily identified as from the Gotland area. Raiders had come and beaten our defenders, killed almost all the men, taken everything of value, taken slaves, raped and then killed most of the women and burned everything. And even took two of our longships. My brother and I gathered those that still lived, mostly from outlying farms, and set about burying the dead, including our parents and our sister. For several years things were very bad and we had a hard time making it through the winters. Finally, after about five years we were able to gather several ships from surrounding towns and our own, that we had helped build, and go to find the raiders that had burned our town. We found them at a small town on Gotland called Klintehamn, just south of Visby. Klintehamn was left in the same shape as Sandefjord was after the raid. We found most of our friends from Sandefjord and got them onto our ships.

After the people of Sandefjord were returned home and things settled down, I left to go to the west to see what I could find. My brother, Ulf, was left to take care of Sandefjord as my regent as I was now the Jarl of Sandefjord. My voyage to the west has taken me far away from my home in Sandefjord. For the past fifty years I have been in the lands of Ansteorra, though I didn’t know that it was Ansteorra for nearly sixteen years after I arrived. I finally found the people of the Barony of Bjornsborg in 1984 and have been with them ever since.


I have many interests in the SCA. I have been a fighter, artisan, skald and worker. I still do a lot of things, but these days I mostly support those that are newer to the SCA than I in whatever they are interested in. I recently was authorized as a Thrown Weapons Marshal, something I haven’t done in about 25 years. I very much enjoy teaching and helping people develop their persona.

Timeline of Activity:

My first time with the SCA was a revel in Bjornsborg in 1984. My first event was a Coronation for Charles Inman MacMoore and Arrowyn of Emerald Moor on February 27, 1985.

I met my wife, H.E. Catriona MacEanruig about 12 years before then. (Catriona started at her first event in 1984, so she has seniority over me in terms of time playing.) I began working at jobs for Bjornsborg almost from the very start. I’ve held many offices and was event steward for a lot of the events in the late 80’s.

Many of our Crowns have given me honors for the stuff that I do. All of the accolades are the result of doing stuff that needed to be done, I don’t do anything because it might get me an award, I do things because they need to be done. I was given a Court Barony in 2000, elevated to the Order of the Pelican in 1997 and the most awesome and burdensome accolade that I will ever know, Lion of Ansteorra - Defender of the Dream in 2008.

Prior Groups:

I am a founding member of the Ansteorran Longship Company, which is not a household, it is an actual group within the Kingdom with a charter from the Crown. The Longship Company has built one sailing longship, Skelmir (22’ long) and is in the process of building our second ship, Radulfr, a 40 foot ship.

Populace Provided Information:

Ivar Casts His Runes

By Alisandre Oliphant

Once upon a time in the fair lands of Bjornsborg in the days of Baron Jan, the folk held a festival called Barbarian. It was a pleasure day, with many diversions, music and feasting and games, and one game was a quest.

The folk of Bjornsborg has made the quest for the pleasure of the fair and noble folk guesting from across Ansteorra. Those who took the quest fared far over the fields and forests and answered challenges and met tests both of wit and of strength. One such challenge was the Prootwaddles.

Prootwaddles were a trollish folk who dwelt in the woods and fields and sought to obstruct the folk. By riddle, by warring, by price - never the same, for Prootwaddles are vain, irrational, sometimes violent beasts. They are loud and wear little in the way of clothing and every one of them claimed to be king of his folk.

Men of Bjornsborg were playing these monsters for the questing folk - many whose names are forgotten, but one was Ivar. And Ivar-the-Prootwaddle took offense to Jan-the-Prootwaddle claiming to be king, or for some other reason long forgotten, and to show his own Prootwaddle merit, he seized upon some woad from passerfolk and adorned himself with it, designs on his arms and legs and face and the words “DISHONOR BEFORE DEATH” across his stomach.


And here I should recall to you that this was in summer and Bjornsborg lies in the south. The sun loves this land, and most folk here know to protect themselves from that fierce regard. Alas, not the Prootwaddle folk, especially not the one who wore very little to block the rays of the sun. Except paint.

And so it came to pass that Ivar, sometime king of the Prootwaddles, had a grievous sunburn done unto him - most especially his stomach, where the skin was white and fair and unused to exposure. The burn was everywhere the paint was not - and so there across his tummy for many, many days were the immortal words “DISHONOR BEFORE DEATH” etched by Nature herself. And the folk of Bjornsborg did fall upon the ground and laugh until the tears flowed, and Baron Jan ordered that Ivar be brought soothing lotion and horns of ale, and from that day on the folk of Bjornsborg named Ivar Runebelly.

After a time, Gunnvor Silfraharr, kind of heart, formally named him Runamagi, which is Runebelly in Norse, for she pitied that his name should be so undignified and gifted him instead with this that at least *sounded* mysterious and wise.

This is a true tale of years past told to me by Jan who was there and saw all this come to pass.


Q: What is your favorite SCA accolade you’ve ever received and why? - Luaithrend, OP, An Tir
A: Without a doubt it was being named a Lion of Ansteorra. That is probably the most cherished and coveted honor in Ansteorra. While I am honored to have the Lion, I have to say that for me, it is the heaviest burden that I have to carry in the SCA. My Court Barony is wonderful and all, but doesn't have the responsibility that comes with the Lion. And the Pelican, while a complete surprise, is a great honor and lets people know I do or did a lot of stuff, it just doesn't rise to the level of the Lion in my home Kingdom.

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:

I have received many honors from Crowns and Landed Nobles for events I have been steward of and for feasts. Many years ago, along with the Society Seneschal, I helped formulate the Society financial policies that are still in use to prevent embezzlement.

Non-Armigerous Awards and Recognitions:

Wiki Mentions:


I am a member of two households, Strange-MacLeod and Compagnia Della Sprezzatura. I also have eight proteges, six of which are active or semi-active.

Mundane Information:

Bearer of the Sable Shield of Ansteorra

Mundanely I am a retired accident reconstructionist and expert witness. Past membership in SAE and AAAM. Past chairman of the SAE Accident Reconstruction Subcommittee.

Facebook:Ivarr Runamagi

Special Needs:

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