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May 24, 2010

This Wiki has been created to enable the people of Ansteorra to take part in preserving the history of this Great Kingdom. You are welcome and encouraged to create an account and add to this site.

The site is owned by the Kingdom of Ansteorra and operated by the Kingdom Historian, but in no way delineates SCA policy. The posters are solely responsible for what they post. Anything posted here is subject to being added to and modified by anyone else using the site. That is the nature of a wiki. Try not to have too thin a skin.

Please do not upload or post any copyrighted material to this wiki unless you have the permission of the owner. Photographs that are uploaded remain the property of the artist unless otherwise noted. Quoted material from other sources remains the property of the person who created it unless otherwise noted. Copyrighted material posted to this site should be clearly labeled as such. Original material added to the site should be assumed to be placed in the public domain unless clearly labeled otherwise.

If necessary I have the ability to protect works from being edited. If you believe that something needs to be protected, contact me privately.

Please treat our history and the people who created it, and are helping to preserve it, with respect and courtesy. Be honest and fair, and remember that others may remember things differently than you do. Two people can have very different recollections of the same events and both be telling the truth as they see it.

Please don't do anything that will get you or me in trouble.

Robert Fitzmorgan

Kingdom Historian of Ansteorra 2010