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Kingdom of Ansteorra

"Non-Armigerous" refers to those awards granted in the Kingdom of Ansteorra that do NOT grant any additional rank. Awards that fall into this category include:

Baronial Awards

Ansteorra does not track the non-armigerous awards of our Baronies in our Order of Precedence. But here are some mentioned in the wiki.

    • Bonwicke
      • Crimson Tear of Bonwicke
      • Golden Spear of Bonwicke
      • Golden Needle of Bonwicke
      • Golden Tower of Bonwicke
    • Eldern Hills
      • Argent Bison of Eldern Hills
      • Domestic Goddess of Eldern Hills
      • Drowned Rat of Eldern Hills
      • Order of the Bell
    • Namron
      • Rising Storm of Namron
      • Torsade
      • Argent Fleur
      • Ascia Rossa
      • Order of the Kriegshelt

Principality of Ansteorra

Principality of Vindheim


Kingdom of Ansteorra Closed Awards

Awards Which Have Changed Rank

Previously, the Order of the Sable Garland of Ansteorra was non-Armigerous, however this was revised by Jean Paul de Sens and Gilyan Clonmacnoise, April 27, XLVII (2013).

Previously, the Order of the White Scarf was armigerous Grant Level, however this was revised by Jason Drysdale and Margherita de Mantua, October 15, LIII (2018).

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