Clavis Clavium

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The Award of the Clavis Clavium of Vindheim is a nonarmigerous level award given in the Principality of Vindheim for especial service to the Vindheim Coronet(s).


For those who have given especial service in attendance to the Vindheim Coronet(s). They should exemplify the pinnacle of service and respect for the Vindheim Coronet(s), the laws of the Principality, and the Kingdom of Ansteorra.


The Award shall be non-armigerous and carry no rank or precedence beyond any other Vindheim award or honor.


Created by Romanius Vesperianus and Deanna della Penna, May 21, LVII, (2022).


The badge of the Award shall be: (Fieldless) A ring of three keys sable within and conjoined to a hexagon voided Or.

Holders of the Award shall be entitled to wear the badge of the Award.

Holders of the Award shall be entitled to wear a key with the personal sigil of the awarding Territorial Royalty. This key shall be distinguished from the key distributed for the Clavis of Vindheim by color and/or design.

Award of the Clavis Clavium Recipients

Non-Armigerous - AoA Level - Grant Level - Peerage