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The King's Archer of Ansteorra is a nonarmigerous level award given in the Kingdom of Ansteorra for skill in combat or target archery.


There shall exist in Ansteorra an award unto which shall be given by the Crown unto such persons who have

  • striven greatly to further their skill level and capabilities in combat or target archery;
  • the arts, and basic heraldry; and
  • shall be exemplars of courtly graces, manners, and chivalry.

Holders of the Award shall be entitled to be styled and announced in procession as “Holder of the King’s Archer of Ansteorra.”

Holders of the Award shall be entitled to wear a cord braided sable and vert tied to a metal ring worn on the belt, or as appropriate to the recipient’s persona.


The Award shall be nonarmigerous and carry no rank or precedence beyond any other Ansteorran award or honor.


The King's Archer of Ansteorra was created by the 36th Crown, ‘Abd al-Mahdi Jamal ibn Hakim and Valeria Richila Navarro, July XXXII (1997).


In the Order of Precedence listing for the King's Archer, Plachoya Sobaka is listed first, Wayne of the Heights is listed second, and Gilbert Ost Westley is listed third. However, Gilbert Ost Westley is acknowledged as the Premier recipient.

There is a story here why Gilli is the 3rd to receive the King's Archer but listed as the Premier. Gilli was to receive the first King's Archer. Because of his work schedule, he was not able to attend the event where they planned to give it to him. Due to miscommunication between the out going crown, Mahadi, and the incoming Crown, Kein, the award was accidentally given out to two other archers first. They were shocked that Gilli hadn't received it yet and insisted that Gilli should have been the premier. Kein offered apologies when Gilli did finally make it to an event with the award and that is why he is listed as premier, though he was actually the 3rd to get it. (Wayne of the Heights was also about to leave the kingdom and they also wanted to make sure he got it before he left.) - Darcy Evaline o Lasgwm, to the Ansteorran Email list, April 04, 2000.


A cord braided sable and vert tied to a metal ring worn on the belt.

Award Recipients

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