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(Fieldless) A beehive quarterly sable and gules beset by bees proper
Award Information
Type: Non armigerous
Founded: April 30, LVI, AD 2022
Premiere(s): Brendan Isaacson & Patrick Isaacson
Recipients: Order of the Golden Comb Recipients

The Order of the Golden Comb of Vindheim is a nonarmigerous level order given in the Principality of Vindheim for recognition of service by those younger members who have not yet reached their majority.


For those who have not yet reached the age of majority, in recognition of service above that which is normally expected of them.


The Order shall be non-armigerous and carry no rank or precedence beyond any other Principality of Vindheim Order or honor.


Created by Romanius Vesperianus and Deanna della Penna, April 30, LVI, AD 2022.
Revised by Jean Paul de Sens and Gilyan Clonmacnoise, September 17, LVII, AD 2022.

Changes: September 2022

Jean-Paul & Gilyan This recognition is for those who are under the age of 18 and participate and serve in the SCA above what is expected of them. To this Order we have given some special responsibilities and the privileges necessary to complete their task. Members of the Order of the Golden Comb shall serve as messengers for the Coronet. As our messengers, the Golden Combs shall have uncommon access to the Coronet. They may enter a court of the Coronet unbidden to respectfully wait to deliver or receive any messages. In order to ease the burden of the Golden Combs with their new responsibilities, we have also proposed insignia for the Order. They may have a messenger style satchel bag in a sanguine color with a golden honeycomb design on the outside flap. Inside this bag should always be a small notepad and writing utensil for messages. Jean Paul also turned his creativity towards writing a scroll text for recipients of this award during our reign.

Upon the great tree Yggdrasil, teeth sharp, wit biting.
From root to crest message carrying.
Bushy tailed Mercury,
Reality renewing balance giver
Rattatoskr’s descendants move amongst Vindheim,
Serving to keep it safe, and carrying the messages that bind it together.
So vital a service is given by these persons, that We, Jean Paul and Gilyan, first of that name, heirs to Romanius and Deanna, the Founders, recognize in <Name> the spirit of the messenger, and call them forth to join the Order of the Golden Comb.


The badge of the Order shall be: (Fieldless) A beehive quarterly sable and gules beset by bees proper.

Holders of the Order shall be entitled to wear the badge of the Order.

Holders of the Order shall be entitled to wear a sanguine colored satchel or messenger style bag with a honeycomb design and their name stitched on the interior.

Order of the Golden Comb Recipients

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