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The Order of the Madonnas of Ansteorra was a Principality of Ansteorra award created to recognize and acclaim people who were raising children in the SCA.

The award ranks at the bottom of all armigerous awards in Precedence, specifically just below Kingdom Honors.

There were 15 members of the Order.

Katharina von Alyssin 1978-03-04
Tessa of the Gardens 1978-03-04
Agnes de Saint Michel 1978-05-10
Brenda y Grochenyddes 1978-05-20
Dail y Eiliwriad o Cwm Cwymp Dwr 1978-05-20
Magdaliane the Mischievous 1978-05-20
Gwilym y Fferill o Caer Lleuad 1979-02-24
Gwyneth of Dragon's Keepe 1979-02-24
Vyvian of Sherwood 1979-02-24
Alanna of Caer du Pard 1979-06-16
Angelina Jessica Dourelle 1979-06-16
Gwyneth of Ramsey Mere 1979-06-16
Rachael Braeuer of the Blackforest 1979-06-16
Salene of Mightrinwood 1979-06-16
Xene Theriane 1979-06-16

Populace Information

From the Kingdom Email Archives:
"I was the last person to be inducted into the Order of the Madonnas of Ansteorra, before the Order was closed forever. At the time, other than Princess Katerina who was the Principal of the Order, I was the only person in the Order that did not have their own child or children. It was for the work that I did with Simon and Tessa's children, along with many others, that I received this award.

This was also way before we had the Ministry of Children.

I have watched these children grow, and I have suffered the loss of these children. But I like to think that I made their experiences in the Society happy and safe ones.

The recognition that has meant the most to me has not been done in court, but in Word Fame from my friends throughout the Kingdom. This will always mean more to me than any piece of jewelry that tarnishes or a scroll that will yellow with age.

Lady Zahra Zena Theanos" (Later known as Xene Theriane)

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