Order of the Sable Garland of Ansteorra

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The Order of the Sable Garland of Ansteorra is an AoA Level award.


A. Establishment of the Order

a. Since the time of Arthur, Orders have existed within the Knighthood to set apart and honor the qualities and strength of individuals who have answered their duties and maintained standards of skills and services, beyond their oath of fealty.

b. It is with these traditions and ideals in mind, that we, Mikael and Mikaela, create a new Order to exist in the Kingdom of Ansteorra.

B. Membership in the Order

a. The members of this Order shall have the strength of nature, the degree of martial skill, and the commitment to Ansteorra that they shall have obtained a chosen position in the Order of the Chivalry.

b. They shall have served and promoted the honor and spirit of Ansteorra within its borders and beyond.

c. They shall have been a vital part of the fabric of Ansteorra through service, counsel, knowledge, and shared knowledge.

d. They shall have used all talents and means to preserve and protect the Kingdom, the Crown, and the standards and ideals of their oaths.

C. Precedence of the Order

a. The Order shall carry with it, at the pleasure of the Crown, an Award of Arms.

b. If membership in the Order is bestowed upon a person who is already higher in precedence than stated above, then his or her precedence shall remain unchanged.

c. Armigerous status is applied to all current and past recipients of this award as of June 29th, 2013, being A.S. 48. This award shall be considered equal in precedence to a simple Award of Arms.

D. Changes to the Order

a. That unity and continuance of purpose be maintained, the Order shall be consulted by the Crown prior to an increase its members.

E. Patronage and Insignia

a. Each initiate shall be patroned by a Companion to the Order of the Rose, who shall oversee the acquisition of the initiate’s insignia to the Order.

b. The members of this Order shall wear a sable cloak with a border, Or, upon which shall be a garland of mullets of five greater and five lesser points slipped and leaved sable. The cloak shall have the Ansteorran Queen’s Rose (a rose sable charged with a rose Or, thereon a mullet of five greater and five lesser points sable) positioned over the heart.

c. As this Order is requested and patroned by the members of the Companions to the Order of the Rose, the scroll shall bear, alone, the signature of the Consort of the Sovereign.

d. This Order shall serve, upon request, as escorts to the incoming Consorts at their Coronation, and shall be available as counsel and support.

e. Members of this Order shall be known as Knights or Masters of the Sable Garland.

f. Any members inducted into this Order before April 27, 2013, are allowed to retain and use the original insignia, a sable cloak with a border, Or, upon which shall be a garland of five-petaled heraldic roses, sable, slipped and leaved, vert.

F. Creation and Revisions

a. Created by Mikael of Monmouthshire and Mikaela of Monmouthshire, December XXXI (1997).

b. Revised by Jean Paul de Sens and Gilyan Clonmacnoise, April 27, XLVII (2013).

c. Revised by Lochlan Dunn and Gwen verch Cynwrig de Ynys Mon, June 29, XLVIII (2013).


See section E above.


See Section C above.


Award Recipients

Non-Armigerous - AoA Level - Grant Level - Peerage