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The Order of the Lions of Ansteorra, Defenders of the Dream, is a nonarmigerous Level award given only once per reign in the Kingdom of Ansteorra.


There shall exist in Ansteorra an award unto which shall be given by the Crown unto that person whom the Crown of Ansteorra:

  • considers to contribute most to the ideals and milieu of the Society as a whole, and
  • who serves as an inspiration to others.

Companions of the Order shall be entitled to place after their names the suffix “Lion of Ansteorra, Defender of the Dream” and to be so styled and announced in procession.

Companions of the Order shall be entitled to wear the badge of the Order, and if noble, to include in their armorial achievement a lion argent or a lion ermine as one supporter.

Companions of the Order shall have the right to enter an Ansteorran court unbidden by the Crown.


The badge of the Order shall be Or, a mullet of five greater and five lesser points sable, overall a lion rampant argent.


The Order shall be nonarmigerous and carry no rank or precedence beyond any other Ansteorran award or honor.


The Lion of Ansteorra was created by the 1st Crown, Jonathan DeLaufyson Macebearer and Willow de Wisp, XIV (1979).

Lore / Populace Provided Information:

Per Beorhlic Folcwineson, the traditional greeting for a new Lion is a scratching/raking of the fingernails across the chest or arm by each of their Lion brothers and sisters.

Award Recipients:

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