The Award of the Flaming Weasel of Wiesenfeuer

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Award of the Flaming Weasel
The Recollections of Baron Lucais du Belier, OL, OP, Lion

(Used with Permission)

The Award of the Flaming Weasel of Wiesenfeuer dates a back to the early days of the Barony and has been given only a handful of times in the Barony's history.

Unlike the traditional SCA awards that are given to recognize outstanding contributions to the arts or sciences or for unselfish service, the Flaming Weasel is reluctantly given at the discretion of the Landed Nobles to note spontaneous heinous acts of unchivalrous undertakings, deeds of shamefully inappropriate behavior, or other outstanding social blunders committed in a public place, and before an embarrassingly large number of eyewitnesses. Although the award brings morbid and eternal shame upon the bearer, it has nonetheless become an award that many desire to hold, but few want to deserve.


The Flaming Weasel is non-armigerous and carries no precedence.

Award Recipients

(As Provided by Lucais du Belier)

Honorable Lady Angelica Fletcher
Premier recipient, was the autocrat for a baronial event. While touring the event site with a small group of officers and others, she made eloquently, yet discourteous comments about the camp's management, not realizing that the camp director was leading the tour.

Baroness Arafel of Caer Lleon
Second Baroness of Wiesenfeuer, was well into her cups one evening at an event that involved great amounts of alcohol. She received the award for her rodeo performance, riding a 200 gallon propane tank in nothing but her panties and a silk sports bra. Although the tank was previously unridden, she went the full eight seconds.

Master Lucais du Belier
Sixth Baron of Wiesenfeuer, while heralding Crown Tourney Royal Court for their Majesties Michael and Mikela and Their Highnesses Mahdi and Valeria, attempted to open the Wiesenfeuer baronial court of Arafel, Baroness of Wiesenfeuer (say it real fast three times in a row!) In front of everyone it came out "Arafel... B... B... B... Bevis." Although the hall roared with laughter, the stunned Baroness could only mutter the word "Butthead!"

Baron Uriah Wolfstar
At the second Great Water War, Uriah went to dump a tub of water that a lady was holding back onto her. Although she laughed as she reeled backwards, she slipped in the mud and fell, striking her head on a tetherball pole, and creating a gash that required an emergency room visit and several stitches. Uriah was awarded First Blood at Water Wars.

Baron Orlando di Gilead
At Wiesenfeuer’s Yule Revel. Reasoning for this award bestowal is currently held in deep secret and attempts to recover knowledge has been, let's say, unsuccessful. But one theory is his very PC method of dealing with the Osprey encampment at Gulf Wars 2009.

Lord Redhawk
Lord Redhawk lost the Baronial pass-down Drumming Champion's Drum at the beginning of Gulf War. It was found towards the end of the week.

Lady Linette
Story forthcoming, but it involves the coronation at Northshield.

These are the notorious deeds that have brought eternal shame upon the Dishonorable Order of the Holders of the Flaming Weasel of Wiesenfeuer. Take heed, all ye who play this game, lest your heinous acts, inappropriate behaviors and graceless social blunders be forever remembered.

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