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The Ring Thegn was an award given in the Principality of Ansteora, established to note individuals who had been of particular service to the Prince or Princess.



This was a Non-Armigerous award.


Prince Sean MacFflam of Ravenswaard and Princess Katharina von Alyssin (probably errors in my spelling here; it's been a very long time...) presented badges in the form of rings, about two inches in diameter, which could be worn suspended from a belt or lanyard or ribbon, as one chose. I believe His Highness initially referred to companions as "Ring Thegns" to Ansteora. (r) Assistance which Their Highnesses deemed worthy of notice came in forms such as communications, advice, establishing methods and traditions, serving their persons, providing Their garments, Their items needed for colorful courts; also council, confidentiality, encouragement for Their Highness's stations in the fledgling Principality. Similar to the responsibilities held today by Royal Entourage and Great Officers of State. - Provided by Tessa of the Gardens to the Ansteorran Bards list, April 27, 2000.

It (Ring Thegn) was for service to the Prince and Princess, and therefore styled as "Ring Thegn to House ____" to specify which Prince/Princess was served. - Provided by Tivar Moondragon to the Ansteorran Kingdom email list, May 19, 1998.

Award Recipients

Non-Armigerous - AoA Level - Grant Level - Peerage