Simonn of Amber Isle

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Simonn and Tessa 2006.JPG
Photo by Phocas of Bordermarch, taken 2006
Registered Name: Simonn of Amber Isle
Resides: Bordermarch
Status: Active
Joined SCA: 1976
Order of Precedence
Simonn of Amber Isle
Simonn of amber isle.gif
Quarterly gules and argent, in bend sinister a hawk's head erased proper between two towers sable. [Spitzaetus ornatus]

His Excellency, Count Sir Simonn of Amber Isle, OP, OL, MOD, Defender of the Dream

  • Previously known as Simonn of Amber


  • Local Offices Held
    • Founding Baron, Bordermarch (1977 - 1989)
    • Knight Marshal, Bordermarch (held several times)
  • Regional Offices Held
    • Authorizing Marshal, Coastal Region
    • Authorizing Marshal, Southern Region
    • Marshal, Seige Engines
    • Marshal, Youth Boffer
  • Kingdom Offices Held
    • 1st Knight Marshal, Principality of Ansteorra (1997 - serving under Prince Sean & Princess Katerina)
    • 2nd Knight Marshal, Principality of Ansteorra (1998 - serving under Prince Randall & Princess Constance)
    • 3rd Prince of the Principality of Ansteorra
    • 9th King of Ansteorra

Persona History:


  • Participating with Family
  • Service to my Liege Crown and local Barony
  • Campfire Bardic tales & poems
  • Serving as Event Steward
  • Constructing & Maintaining "BorderKeep" - the site for Bordermarch Autumn Melees: This site has gone through three seperate stages and locations, from landscape timbers at Clairbourne West Park, then railroad ties at Colmesneil, then a mortar cinderblock structure. Of particular note is that the first Gulf War fort construction was inspired by the BorderKeep blueprints; then the Pennsic fort was based on that same plan, expanded upon; and the castle at Bryn Gwlad’s Castleton was also based on our BorderKeep blueprints.

Timeline of Activity:

Prior Groups

  • Region of Ansteora, Kingdom of Atenveldt
  • Principality of Ansteorra

Populace Provided Information:

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:

  • 1979: Created Don Tivar Moondragon as the first Don in the Known World, in what became the Order of the White Scarf
  • 1979: With Tessa of the Gardens, completed the paperwork to transition Ansteorra from Principality to Kingdom status, as commanded by King Theo of Atenvelt.
  • 1982: Kingdom Warlord
  • 1984: Queen's Champion to Willow II
  • 2007: Named a Lion of Ansteorra by Aaron II & Britta II
  • 2013: Named a Knight of the Sable Garland


Artwork by William Blackfox

Mundane Information:

Bearer of the Sable Shield of Ansteorra

Simonn of Amber Isle is a Sable Shield holder; US Navy. He did not go forward for many years because he felt the Sable Shield was more for the current generation; and lo, and behold, the day he went forward, so did Duke Patrick Michael, and Sir Asad u'Din - a frequent visitor to Ansteorra, from the Outlands.