3rd Coronet

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2nd_Coronet Simonn of Amber Isle and Tessa of the Gardens 1st_Crown

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Coronet Info

*Prince: Simonn (Simonn of Amber Isle) [OP]

*Princess: Tessa (Tessa of the Gardens)[OP]

Coronet Tourney: November 24-27, 1978 in Bjornsborg

*Investiture: December 9, 1978 in Emerald Keep

*Stepped down: June 17, 1979 in Elfsea

*Predecessors: Randal von Nordlichwald and Constance von Nordlichwald

*Heirs: Jonathan DeLaufyson Macebearer and Willow de Wisp

*Crowns of Ansteorra

Artwork by William Blackfox

Memories of Our Reign

by Tessa of the Gardens
Our initial thoughts recall two “infants.” The first is our second son, Zane Mountain-Gate, only months old, held in our arms at court, and Christened by Coemgen of the Isles in the presence of his SCA godparents, Kasilda Kubasek & Randall von Nordlichvald with our then King and Queen of Atenveldt, Jonathan DeLaufyson I and Willow de Wisp I looking on. The other larger but younger infant was the “Kingdom of Ansteorra,” awaiting birth, announced by us following the directive of the next King of Atenveldt, our Papa-King (now deceased), Rex Atenveldt, Theo of Mightringwood. This status announcement came at the Tournament of Chivalry which we autocratted near the Stargate, at the RenFair Site, attended by our Aten King Theo and a number of current and past Atenveldt royalty for whom travel fares from Arizona and Meridies had been raised. At the Tournament of Chivalry, eight Laurels and one Pelican were elevated to Peerage by the Crown of Atenveldt in order to more readily prepare a populace for kingdom status. On a cold, rainy night with a blanketed populace huddled together under an army-green BFT, with our feet held to the fire stove, the unexpected announcement of kingdom status was met with thunderous cheering. At that time, as a last requirement for kingdom status, Ansteorra would need 60 more paid memberships within an eight-week time frame to qualify for kingdom status. In eight weeks Ansteorra added 84 new memberships, clearing the last obstacle to kingdom status. We announced that the first Crown Tournament of Ansteorra would be conducted in the forthcoming “Barony” of Bryn Gwlad.

A Prince and Princess could not have accomplished very much without the aid and inspiration of great Ansteorrans. Many mentors inspired our work, not the least of which was Tessa’s efficient friend Mistress Clare St. John. One of our favorite developments was asking Tivar Moondragon to help write a principality charter so we could recognize and honor combatants of the cavalier swashbuckling style, thereby naming Don Tivar as the premier “Don,” bestowing upon him the right to wear a white scarf. The ilk of Tivar Moondragon, David Gallowglass, Robin Gilwell had not often yet passed this way. We are grateful that soon Their Majesties, King and Queen of Ansteorra, used their wisdom to continue the order as a kingdom grant level award and that now rapier recognition is found elsewhere in the knowne worlde. Other Awards we created to acknowledge contributions to the Society were the Madonnas of Ansteorra and the Gilded Thorn of Ansteorra, Principality awards since closed.

Artwork by William Blackfox

We enjoyed our share of wars. During our time as Prince and Princess of the Principality, Northern Ansteorra hosted Atenveldt’s War against the Middle Kingdom with Atenveldt proving victorious. Simonn and Tessa, in the company of Tebyrne Morningstar and Janet Shadowhawke, traveled to (Arizona) Atenveldt for Atenveldt’s War with the West, which was the “first gathering” of “all” reigning Atenveldt Principality princesses.

During our period as Prince and Princess, Theo of Mightrinwood, Rex Atenveldt, suffered a heart attack and underwent open heart surgery. The Papa-King told Tessa & Simonn to “take care of Ansteorra,” that he would allow us “de facto powers” within Ansteorra and practically rubber-stamp what his Royal Children would do. Still, given that responsibility, we made no move without seeking King Theo and Queen Selene’s council. It was this Crown who instructed us to “apply for kingdom status now.”

During the principality/kingdom negotiations with the Society Board of Directors, we worked in frequent communication with the Society Steward, Countess Mistress Bevin Frasier of Sterling, to ensure smooth and proper transition to new kingdom status. Two of our personal typing secretaries were Mistress Nerak and Lady Melusine. Due to the principality-kingdom transition, our time as Prince and Princess was extended through December into June, a bit longer than the traditional six months. Countess Bevin, representing the Board of Directors, came from Caid to Bryn Gwlad for Ansteorra’s First Crown Tournament in May, 79, and returned to Ansteorra for King Jonathan’s ascension in June, 79 at an outdoor event. Queen Willow’s ascension was to occur at an elaborate coronation ball in July.

Having been shire founders in 1976 and founding landed Baron-ess Bordermarch since 1977, we had some experience at court; and having been principality officers for the previous Prince-esses, we were familiar somewhat with principality court; however, the grandeur extended for us and the homage paid to us kept us ever mindful that without the PEOPLE, there is no need for a royalty or nobility.

In the June mid-day closing court of the Principality, the wondrous drone of William Black fox’s bagpipes in funeral dirge led a parade of followers across an open field, bearing two shields upon which rested our bodies, stricken by the Figure of Death (Tivar), all of us draped in black. The young Principality of Ansteorra had passed into history and was no more… …But, verily, within the hour Ansteorra as a KINGDOM was a thing of reality with the coronation of our first King, Jonathan!

Hear now the tale of new kingdom peers. Hear how came the name “Sir-Sir John-John,” Ansteorra’s first peer. So respected was John the Plain of Shearn that he was knighted by the hand of the relinquishing King Theo of Atenveldt, then dually knighted by the new kingdom’s first King Jonathan de Lauffyson of ANSTEORRA. Sir Sir John-John’s double names became a mark of respect and humor from a populace who rejoiced with him. Later that same day, King Jon elevated Mistress Arlene the Soother, then Baroness of the Stargate, to the Pelican peerage.