9th Crown

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8th_Crown Simon of Amber Isle and Theressa of the Gardens 10th_Crown

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Crown Info:

*King: Simon (Simon of Amber Isle)(OP)

*Queen: Tessa (Theressa of the Gardens) (OP)

*Crown Tourney:

*Coronation: September 4, 1983

*Stepped Down: March 3, 1984

*Predecessors: Sigmund the Wingfooted and Sieglinda Syr

*Heirs: Inman MacMoore and Arrowyn of Emerald Moor

*Crowns of Ansteorra

Memories of Our Reign

by Tessa of the Gardens
An irreplaceable memory is our coronation at Scarborough Faire, a truly period site, riding into court on golden horses along the amphi-theatre aisles onto the red carpet, attended by our two young sons, Aarion Kyrkwood Mountain-Gate carrying his sire’s helm and Zane Mountain-Gate carrying his sire’s parade sword. When we, Ben & Liz, got married, we had eloped to the Dominican Republic in a small private ceremony; therefore, our SCA coronation was a large solemn rite for us, with our dear friends as attendants, complete with trumpet and harp music selected by King Sigmund and Queen Siglinde, our predecessors, soon to be invested by us as Duke and Duchess that day.

Ladies of Bordermarch and friends from Stargate, our nearest neighbors, led the way. All of our cousin landed baronesses, Their Excellencies of the Kingdom, processed before us, flinging hundreds of rose petals and fragrances heavenward. Lady Mara of the Crystal Sword and our squires, Lord Cythe the Bear-Slayer, Lord Malachai Delacot and Lord Gideon Barak DuBois and ladies-in-waiting Lady Claire St. Giles and Lady Samantha of the Grove escorted us, carried banners, or tossed rose petals into the air.

As Crown, we purposed to involve all the People. We would visit every local branch and communicate frequently. There were not as many branches in kingdom as there are now. Before the days of email and web sites, Lady Therese d’ Ivorie prepared unique stationary for us on which a border depicted the arms of every group in the kingdom. We logged out many, many hardcopy letters to the People. Our phone bill was enormous. We remember being the first Asteorran monarchs who traveled to each and every barony, shire, and stronghold within the kingdom, to “go to the people,” holding open friendly curias, asking what the people expected of their monarchs and explaining what the Crown desired of the Ansteorrean populace. We explained job descriptions for local officers and sought the people’s recommendations for awards. We remember being rested when we arrived 10 hours away in Namron because the entourage had done all the driving through the night. Bonwick tells us that they remember Simonn and Tessa as the first Ansteorran Crown to ever visit those western reaches.

During our reign, the populace of our home Barony Bordermarch provided an entourage, an RV that housed six adults, loaned by Lady Quendolyn, and a schedule of care for our two young sons aged eight and five. On road trips, some tended to our meals and our wardrobe, while designated scribes took care of the major paperwork so we could spend our time “with” the people of Ansteorra. We took pride that at every site, no group waited for the Crown to arrive late. When we arrived at an event and stepped on site, our attendants had us dressed and fed, ready in high persona. We were sometimes present, in regalia, in advance of many populace, prepared to begin “on” schedule. We were also some of the last to leave a site being sure it was clean. Our entourage allowed us our desire to spend as much time as possible among the People.

We scarcely took a trip anywhere without being met by the Lion who handed us the Sword of State, Sir Riccardo de Pisa and his beloved Mistress Asilyn of Lion’s Lair, in addition to consistently being attended by members of the rapier community, Tessa’s very heart-throb. We remember visiting at the side of the Queen’s Champion list field with the vast number combatants before and after their rounds. Tessa’s inherited QC is Don Robin of Gilwell, and her Victorious QC is Don Tivar Moondragon who were consistently at hand as well as the harpist bard Erin ni Herrin. A frequent personal attendant was Lord William Blackfox. One of our favorite Blackfox sketches (he drew us many times… Tessa as a fawn and Simonn as a mountain-goat) depicts booted heels kicked up in dance. We loved to dance Scotland the Brave, whether in a field or inside a hall and exchange dancing partners from among the populace.

Every crown understands the great joy that filled us as we watched surprised recipients of awards at court. We named Erin ni Herrin, poet and harpist, as Lion; and Don Santre as the one White Scarf of our reign. We remember well the curia in Bryn Gwlad to select Don Robbie as the next landed Baron. Among our favorite got-cha’s was naming Kasilda Kubasek as an Iris, naming the humble Friar Peter Rainbolt with an AoA., and also Shoiel’s AoA., to his amazement and near denial. We remember being a private audience in the kitchen hallway for endeared Thomas of Tenby to practice his dramatic presentation because he was nervous about going before the court.

We remember well the incomparable flavor of Steppes 12th Night. We remember eternal friends in Stargate, Bonwick, Bjornsborg, Bryn Gwlad, and Namron and Shadowlands and Greywood… and every other group in Ansteorra at the time. During our reign, we conducted the negotiations and laid the groundwork for the first “Kingdom Peace” to be held with the new Kingdom of Calontir shortly after we would descend from the throne. All the while we maintained deepening friendships with Meridians (now Glenn Ahban) just across the Sabine River from Bordermarch who inspired us and joked about the possibility of their becoming Ansteorran. Still one outstanding memory to Simonn is from our descending court, knighting Inman McMoore II, our successor.

All through our reign, we desired to promote good public relations, good times, and great camaraderie. The wonderful people of Ansteorra rewarded us with more than we dreamed. In our closing court, both King and Queen were dressed in chain mail, as were our retainers, all wearing tabards emblazoned with “red crosses” indicating our intent to relinquish the throne, name successors, “take up the Cross,” and go on a crusade to the Holy Land. The good people who are Ansteorra gave us a long standing ovation and allowed us that distant journey, to focus our priorities on spending time with our sons, finding castles on the horizon, and seeking to follow the Cross.


Lion: Aeruin ni hEarain o Chonnemara (OP)

Queen's Champion: Tivar Moondragon (OP)

King's Gauntlet

Queen's Glove


Aislinn di Tanaleone (OP) 1984-02-18 Laurel
Clare RosMuire St. John (OP) 1984-03-03 Laurel
Inman MacMoore (OP) 1984-03-03 KSCA


  • "Crown list in Winter of 1983 during Simonn and Tessa's reign was, if I remember correctly, around 15 F. We all ran into the little hall to stand around the fireplace and drink hot chocolate between rounds." - Cynric