Coronation of Jonathan I

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The Coronation of Jonathan I was held on June 16 - 17 in the incipient Shire of Elfsea.

On Saturday the 16th several competitions were held and a demonstration of Jousting was given by Sir Dafydd ap Deverell and Prince Simonn of Amber Isle.

Final Principality Court

SimonnTessa 3.jpg Last Principality Court.jpg Seated - Theo, Tessa, Simonn, Bevin

Late that afternoon Simonn and Tessa held their final court as the Third Prince and Princess of Ansteorra. With the permission of King Theo of Atenveldt the following awards were presented.

Their Highnesses then declared that all Principality Orders were closed except the Aristotelis Dicipuli and the Cavaliers of Ansteorra.

The final Principality Court was then closed.

Final Atenveldt Court

Aten King Theo final court.jpg

Theo, King of Atenveldt then opened Court and presented the Light of Atenveldt to:

His Majesty then declared that Ansteorra was now to be a Sovereign Kingdom. He called up the Territorial Barons and Baronesses and asked them to renounce their fealty to the Crown of Atenveldt, and removed their coronets, vowing to beseech the Crown of Ansteorra to renew the faith that had existed between them and the Crown of Atenveldt. He then called up the Knights who were present and received back from them their fealty and chains, giving the same vow to them as he had to the Barons and Baronesses. Any others who were in fealty to the Crown of Atenveldt were released. His Majesty then call up Their Highnesses and the Steward of the Society, Countess Bevin Fraser of Stirling. He announced that their Reign had ended and it was time to make way for Ansteorra's change in status. Simonn and Tessa then removed one another's coronets and returned them to His Majesty. They then symbolically expired and were carried away.

First Kingdom Court

Jonathan DeLaufyson Crown Prince of Ansteorra rode in on a White Horse and claimed His Crown, He swore fealty to the people of Ansteorra and took his Coronation oath and was acknowledged by King Theo as the rightful heir to the Crown of Ansteorra and confirmed as such. King Jonathan opened his court and called forth the officers of the Kingdom and asked if they would serve. He then presented them with a warrant of office signed by himself and Countess Bevin. His Majesty addressed the populace concerning the responsibilities of our new status. He announced the date and place for His Queen's Coronation, and that new Kingdom Laws would be announced that time, until then we would operate under the Principality Laws. He then called forth the Knights of Ansteorra and received their oaths of fealty upon the Crown of Ansteorra. He likewise received the fealty of the Landed Nobility and confirmed them in their fiefs, except for the Baron of the Steppes who returned his Barony into the hands of the Crown. The Knights were again summoned and it was announced that their number was not yet complete. Lord John the Plain of Shern was led forth from the populace King Theo dubbed him a Knight at the request of King Jonathan. Simmon and Tessa were called forth and made Viscount and Viscountess by King Theo. King Jonathan received ambassadors from Meridies and the Midrealm who offered their congratulations. He was also presented with a Seal of State by Rudolf von Tarmenhiem.

Second Kingdom Court

Sunday afternoon closing court was held. The following awards were presented.

  • Award of Arms
    • Creon the Artisan
    • Elder, son of Frederickson
    • Trithian Elvenstar
    • Kendweramyr Rimi L'Rene of Chalcedor
  • Order of the Pelican
    • Arlene the Soother

Various competitions had been held at the event and the winners were announced.

The Silver Chalice of Chivalry was presented to Lasguard the Red Fox with King Theo receiving honorable mention.

Court was closed and the event was over.