Circle of the Ascending Star

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The Circle of the Ascending Star was a principality award created to recognize and acclaim members of the populace in the field of Service.


The award ranks above Baronial Service Orders in Precedence and below Kingdom Arts and Service Awards.


Per Robin of Gilwell: When the Rising Star was created, I raised the issue of conflict with the CAS (Circle of the Ascending Star). I was told "Ansteorra gives Ansteorra permission to use the name."


There were 17 members of the Order, as it was only open for three Principality Reigns prior to Ansteorra becoming a Kingdom.

Clare RosMuire St. John 1978-04-15
Janet Virago Parva of House Morningstar 1978-04-15
Simonn of Amber Isle 1978-04-15
Tessa of the Gardens 1978-04-15
Telbyrne Morningstar 1978-12-09
Tivar Moondragon 1978-12-09
Justinian Karl Friedrich von Reichschoeffen 1979-02-24
Katharina von Alyssin 1979-02-24
Robert Hellmanstahl 1979-02-24
Sean MacFflam of Ravenswaard 1979-02-24
Willow de Wisp 1979-02-24
Charles Corwinson 1979-06-16
John Elynn 1979-06-16
Melusine Whitcroft the Petite 1979-06-16
Otto the Merciless 1979-06-16
Ygraine of the Alluring Smile 1979-06-16
Zoren Uff Eiren 1979-06-16