Aristotelis Discipuli

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The Aristotelis Discipuli (The Students of Arisotle) was a Principality of Ansteorra award created to recognize and acclaim members of the populace who exhibited outstanding achievement and general excellence in the Sciences. Members were entitled to place the initials A.D. after their name.

An article in the August A.S. XIV Black Star says that the order was not closed with the rest of the Principality Orders at the Final Principality Court, but the award was not given after that date.

The award ranks above Baronial Service Orders in Precedence and below Kingdom Arts and Service Awards.

There were 14 members of the Order"

Godfrey de la Fosse 1979-03-10
Gwilym y Fferill o Caer Lleuad 1979-03-10
Jan w Orzeldom 1979-03-10
Lysbeth Poulsdottir 1979-03-10
Ross of Prenez Gard 1979-03-10
Ursula von dem Meer 1979-03-10
Brenda y Grochenyddes 1979-05-12
Doyel Mor-Ser 1979-05-12
Kemreth Danil 1979-05-12
Robert Simon Fraser 1979-05-12
Alaric ap Morgan 1979-06-16
Bryan Dragonsword 1979-06-16
Kubric Spelldragon 1979-06-16
Rudolf von Tarnenheim 1979-06-16

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