69th Crown

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68th_Crown Lochlann Dunn and Gwen verch Cynwrig de Ynys Mon 70th_Crown

Crown Info:

*King: Lochlann II (Lochlann Dunn [OP]

*Queen: Gwen II (Gwen verch Cynwrig de Ynys Mon [OP]

*Crown Tournament: January 12, 2013 at Shadowlands

*Coronation: April 27, 2013 at Elfsea

*Stepped down: September 28, 2013 Ffynnon Gath

*Predecessors: Jean Paul II and Gilyan II

*Heirs: Aaron MacGregor V and Nicollet Deuville I

*Crowns of Ansteorra


An overview of their reign.

Lion: Ameline duBois (OP)

Queen's Champion: Lorenzo Baglioni d'Aosta (OP)

King's Champion: Cathal Finn O Briain (OP)

Queen's Blade of Honor: Tristan von Heidelberg (OP)

King's Blade of Chivalry: Sarran the Traveler (OP

Guardian of the Queen's Hope: Daniel O'Niallagain (OP)

King's Gauntlet

  • Cathal Finn O Briain (OP)
  • Ebber (OP)
  • Sabine du Curtier (OP)

Queen's Gloves

  • Layla bint Yusuf (OP)
  • Lorenzo Baglioni d'Aosta (OP)
  • Michelle Chantal de Charente (OP)
  • Sabine du Curtier (OP)

Progress while Prince and Princess:

Intended Royal Progress:


Rikardr Sveinsson (OP) 2013-06-08 KSCA
Sven Randalson (OP) 2013-07-06 KSCA
Fiacha the Blue (OP) 2013-07-06 KSCA
Sebastian Eton Frobishire (OP) 2013-08-17 Pelican
Alden Drake (OP) 2013-08-24 Pelican
Tristan von Heidelberg (OP) 2013-08-24 Pelican
Wayland of Durlach (OP) 2013-09-07 KSCA
Angus Gunn (OP) 2013-09-21 KSCA
Dafydd Whitacre (OP) 2013-09-21 Pelican
Adelaide de Bourbon (OP) 2013-09-28 Laurel
Cathal Finn O Briain (OP) 2013-09-28 KSCA
Duncan Hepburn (OP) 2013-09-28 Pelican