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Art by Jessimond of Emerickeskepe

The Shire of Rosenfeld is located in Tyler, Texas. It is in the Central Region of Ansteorra.


  • The following device associated with this name was registered in June of 1991: Or, semy of roses gules a laurel wreath azure.
  • The following badge associated with this name was registered in February of 2009: Or semy of roses gules, a base azure.
  • The following badge (populace) associated with this name was registered June of 2020: (Fieldless) On a rose gules barbed azure a fret Or.
  • The Kingdom of Ansteorra College of Heralds has the following Heraldic Achievement registered for the Shire of Rosenfeld: A 15th century great helm argent, with visor Or facing affronty mantled sable and Or, torteauxy with a rose gules, barbed azure charged with a fret Or as the crest. It includes the Motto: Support and Flourish

Founding History

On August 12, 1990 the Populace of the Incipient Shire of Rosenfeld submitted a letter and petition to the SCA College of Arms with both Name and Device Submission Forms attached. The Seneschal at that time was Lady Fridhur Haralds, now Mistress Livia da Nicolosi. Lord Harald One-Eye was the Deputy Knight Marshal, and one “Brother Randulphus Hereticus” (who is believed to be one and the same as Lord Randwulf the Hermit) signed as Rosenfeld Pursuivant.

In February of 1991 the branch-name for the Shire of Rosenfeld was officially registered with the SCA College of Arms. According to the original Name Submission form retrieved from the Archivist Herald's files, the "Name was chosen because Tyler, Texas claims to be America's Largest exporter of cut roses and nursery-grown rose bushes. (The) largest single industry in Smith County is Nursery Agriculture." The name Rosenfeld is German in origin, meaning "Field of Roses.”

Lord Randwulf the Hermit is indicated as the "Local Officer of Arms" on a Device Submission Form dated November 30, 1990. Interestingly, the form indicates that this was a RE-submission, with the prior submission (from August) having been returned because the laurel wreath was originally vert (green). This put the device into conflict with the Arms of the SCA itself. So, the laurel wreath was changed to azure (blue) when resubmitted which made the device different enough to be registered.

A copy of the Board of Directors Meeting Minutes from June 24, 1991 records a change of status for the Shire of Rosenfeld as having been effective the month prior - May 1991.

Known Founders

This is by no means a complete list; these are simply the names we have uncovered thus far. From the original August 1990 Name and Device Submission Forms for the Incipient Shire of Rosenfeld we know the following officers signed the enclosed petition:

  • Seneschal: Livia da Nicolosi (Fridhur Haralds)
  • Herald: Brother Randulphus Hereticus (Randwulf the Hermit)
  • Chronicler: Verona O’Bannion
  • Minister of Arts and Sciences: Infinity of the Unicorn
  • Knight Marshal: Christopher O’Bannion
  • Deputy Knight Marshal: Harald One-Eye
  • (Acting) Rapier Marshal: Sigvald Browncloak

Regular Meetings

The general location of the Shire of Rosenfeld
Image by Jessimond of Emerickeskepe
  • Arts and Sciences, Thrown Weapons, Archery, Business & Populace meetings ALL happen on the 4th Sunday of the month.

The itenerary of activities is as follows: Arts and Sciences start 1PM, then ranged weapons at 2PM, with the Business & Populace meeting starting promptly at 4:30PM. Potluck/snacks are encouraged but not required - noshing and socializing occurs throughout the day.

Location: 220 County Road 3837, Hawkins, TX 75765-5587

  • Rapier Practice is held the 3rd Sunday of each month at 2:00PM in Bergfeld Park at the corner of Broadway and 4th, Tyler , TX

It is best to confirm with the Rapier Marshal in advance that there has not been a last minute change!

Events & Demos

Queen’s Champion A.S. XXVI - According to the records we could uncover, Rosenfeld’s very first event was the Queen’s Champion held the first weekend of August 1991, being A.S. XXVI. Their Royal Majesties, Inman McMoore V and Athena Morcan Derwyn Ddoo I, our 25th Crowns, had ascended the Stellar Thrones the month prior. Historical records also note that Sir Christian Richard Dupre and Sir Galen Niccoli were both named as Queen Athena’s Champion that day.

During Their Majesties Court, Mistress Livia da Nicolosi, then known as Lady Fridhur Haralds, and Lord Harald One-Eye became Holders of the Sable Comet of Ansteorra for service in Rosenfeld. Infinity of the Unicorn, then MoAS for Rosenfeld, received her AoA. These stalwart individuals were no doubt recognized, in part, for being the trellis supporting the Shire during its early days, as well as during the transition from an Incipient Shire to a full-fledged one, so all of Rosenfeld could flourish.

Coronation A.S. XXIX - 31st Crowns – Jean Richard Malcomson I and Anora of Winward – July 16, 1994

Coronation A.S. XXXIII - 40th Crowns – Gunthar Jonsson I and Sara Penrose – January 16, 1999 (Jointly with Barony of the Steppes. Rosenfeld did the feast while Steppes ran the event.)

Coronation A.S. XLII - 58th Crowns – Aaron MacGregor III and Vanessa de Verona II – January 12, 2008

Coronation A.S. XLIV - 61st Crowns – Hrafn Olafsson and Elizabeta di Valore della Rosa – May 16, 2009

Coronation A.S. XLVIII - 71st Crowns – Sven Randullsson and Antigone of York – April 12, 2014

History of Three Kings - The First Six Years

Rosenfeld's most famous (infamous?) events are collectively known as Three Kings. Always held in the fall, these amazing melee events traditionally included complex historical scenarios that were originally created by Master Richard Fairbourne who was the Event Steward and Scenario Coordinator for the first six years! Afterwards, upon moving away from Rosenfeld, he continued to assist with scenario coordination for several more years. Let us take a closer look at what we have uncovered thus far about those early years…

1995 – The FIRST Battle of Three Kings

Originally listed in the Kingdom Calendar of June 1995 simply as “Harvest Fest”, by July the name was changed to “Battle of Three Kings”. This first rendition was held on October 17-29, 1995. Records imply that the theme that very first year was based on William the Conqueror seizing and uniting Britain in 1066.

1996 – Crusade of Three Kings

After the first Three Kings had been so successful and FUN it was immediately decided to do it again the very next year. This time around the event was called Crusade of Three Kings and was held the weekend of November 1-3, 1996. The theme was based on Pope Gregory VIII calling for the Third Crusade with the goal of recapturing Jerusalem for Christendom. The key historical figures represented were King Richard of England (called Lionheart), Philip Augustus (Philip II of France), and Frederick Barbarossa, (Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor). The day’s battle scenarios included the Siege of Jerusalem (1187) and the Siege of Acre (Aug 1189 - Jul 1191).

The latter represented the first significant counterattack by King Guy of Jerusalem against Saladin, leader of the Muslims, Sultan of Syria and Egypt.

1997 - 1 King and All of Those Pretenders…

Records show that 185 people attended the third Three Kings which was held the first weekend of November 1997 at the Canton Trade Days site. It is unclear if this was an official title or simply a coin of phrase used during the traditional pre-event banter calling for support and aide of the Principals. Nevertheless, the theme of this event appears to have been the War of the Roses, honouring the lengthy fight for power between the House of Lancaster and House of York between 1455 to 1487.
Sir Galen of Bristol was originally slated to be Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, called the Kingmaker. However, Sir Galen handed the "gules, a saltire argent" banner of Warwick off to Sir Gunthar Jonsson due to obligations elsewhere in the Kingdom that same weekend. Don Miguel portrayed the Earl of Chester while Treschen, Talen, Jason McPherson, and Wilhelm” played other key roles. Treschen may have portrayed the role of Queen Marguerite, but this is yet unconfirmed.
Apparently, this event was particularly inspiring for one young Rosenfelder who upon returning to school the Monday following the event did insist on attending dressed as "Edward of Lancaster, King of All England” and proclaiming to her teacher that she “had been crowned by the Archbishop of Canterbury in the presence of Queen Marguerite."

1998 - Battle of Three Kings - Scottish War of Independence

On the weekend of November 13-15, 1998, at the Canton Trade Days site, bagpipes and drums did play when the first battles began! Key players were Robert the Bruce (His Majesty Sir Barn Silveraxe) and William Wallace (Airaklee Wolf) in their historical struggle against the King of England, Edward I, known as Longshanks (Sir Karl der Ganger), and his son, Prince Edward (Sir Dietrich Kempenich von Eltz). Another historical character portrayed that day was Sir James Douglas AKA Good Sir James (Sir Galen of Bristol). The recreated historic battles from the beginning of the war included Stirling Bridge (11 September 1297), Falkirk (22 July 1298), and Bannockburn (23 and 24 June 1314) with melees, combat archery, and siege engines! Other activities included thrown weapons, archery, and an Arts & Science competition. Site fee was a modest $6 with an additional fee of $5 for feast. The delicacies of the feast included Scotch Eggs with bread and butter, savory beef and vegetable stew, individual meat pies (pork sausage, apples, raisins, nuts), with traditional Scottish shortbread for dessert.

1999 - Battle of Three Kings – Legend of King Arthur

With over 100 fighters participating, including 10-12 archers, November 10-12, 1999 saw the Legend of King Arthur come to life in Rosenfeld! The Liondragon Guard of Mooneschadowe, under the banner of King Stephen (Centurion Tuhtahl), defeated the Arthurian Company and the armies of Empress Matilda (Duchess Willow de Wisp) in a head-to-head challenge.

2000 Three Kings – The Hundred Years War

Held the weekend of 11 November 2000 this sixth year of Three Kings was as equally epic as the war it portrayed! This sixth year included equestrians and over 50 archers signed up ahead of time! Here is the huge list of characters on the field that day, in no particular order. This might not even be complete, but tis merely what we can confirm from our sources:

  • Edward III King of England (Master Richard Fairbourne)
  • Queen Catharine (Duchess Larissa),
  • King Henry V (Sir Duncan), the Black Prince (King Timotheous)
  • The English's herald (Lord Timothy of Glastonbury)
  • Queen of France, Isabeau of Bavaria (Her Majesty Allyson)
  • France's Duke of Orleans (Duke Jean Richard)
  • Mad King Charles VI (Ld. Armand Dragonetti)
  • King Charles VII (Sir Asoph)
  • King John II (Herr Erasmus Totengrabber)
  • Duke of Exeter (Earl Alaric Drake)
  • Duke of Somerset (Baron Llywelyn Gruffydd)
  • Duke of York (Morgan Buchanan)
  • Queen of England, Phillipa of Hainault (Lady Muriela de Clare)
  • King Richard II (Baron Ulsted the Unsteady)
  • Sir John Talbot (Sir Alexis)

Please note, the information contained herein is simply a compilation of notes gleaned from reputable sources such as Ansteorra’s Wiki History, the archived records of the Ansteorra List, and Armand's Photo Album on the Barony of Elfsea website as well as available back issues of The Thorny Truth and The Black Star. Cobbled together in this manner, tis certain there will be gaps in the information presented. If anyone with firsthand knowledge, photos, or other records of these events would care to step forward and share them, we would most humbly and gratefully add that information to our Shire’s Historical Record. Thank you, Master Richard Fairbourne, for sharing your personal remembrances of these early Three Kings!

History of Three Kings - The Next Six Years

2001 – Battle of Three Kings - The War of The Three Popes

Nov. 10-12, 2001 found the Battle of Three Kings being held at the Canton Trade Days site once again. By this time Three Kings had grown so large that it required a security team. For every hour a person patrolled on a scheduled shift that person received a colored bead. The beads a person earned were deposited in a receptacle on site that represented one of the Three Popes. The beads were counted and used in determining the number of War Points awarded to that Pope. From the historical documents available, it is unclear if this was the beginning of the Service War Point, but it seems plausible.

Queen Larisa was one of the three principles, but the names of the others involved are currently lost to time. On Sunday there were Rapier Melees involving capture the flag scenarios to get everyone ready for the ravine battle for Gulf Wars.

The Arts & Sciences competition was determined by popular vote with the populace receiving three beads each for voting for their favorite entries. The A & S War Point was granted to the Pope whose entrants gathered the most beads. Entries were anonymous. Documentation was not required, but any documentation provided was to be done without referencing the artisan. Artisans could enter more than one item. However, they were restricted to one entry per medium with no more than three entries, total, per artisan. Participants were required to indicate their choice of pope when they signed in. Those with multiple entries were not be required to choose the same pope for each entry.

Also lost to time is information on which Pope won the War Chest.

2002 – Three Kings VIII

The weekend of November 8-10, 2002 transported attendees to the year 1180 where possession of the Duchy of Bavaria was under dispute! Conveniently, Three Kings did claim that land as their own: Otto of the Wettins (Otto of Nordheim, Duke of Bavaria), Frederick Barbarossa (Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor), and Heinrich der Löwe (Henry the Lion). Frederick was hoping to oust Henry from his ancestral lands. Henry the Lion struggled to retain his lands and avoid banishment. Otto hoped to gain supremacy over all in his efforts to increase his lands in Bavaria.

War Points for this year's exciting activities included Fighting, Arts and Sciences, Equestrian, Service, and Target Archery! All participants were encouraged to bring an item to donate to the War Chest which was presented to the winning King. The Rosenfeld Castle was upgraded for this event which included melees, combat archery, and “other combat opportunities” according to the event flyer. Arts and Sciences was judged using the standardized judging forms. Items with a German theme received extra points! Entries were limited to one entry per King per person with additional items being displayed for comments only as time allowed.
The Three “Kings” for this event were His Grace Duke Sigmund as Frederick 1, His Most Excellent Excellency Sir Pendaran as Henry the Lion, and the Noble Sir Asoph as Count Otto! Rhiannon ferch Cian was Autocrat with William de Molay coordinating merchants. The event was held at the Canton Trade Days site. Site fees were Adults: $10 Children 5-12: $5 Children under 5 FREE. Family max: $30.

2003 - Battle of Three Queens

Throughout history, and even into our current Middle Ages, great men have led great nations and great kings have come forward to rule impressive Kingdoms. However, as historians know, there have also been some strong and powerful woman who ruled their lands! In the year 1560, three women stepped into history to lead their people; Queen Elizabeth I of England, Mary Queen of Scots, and the Queen Mother of France, Catherine dé Medici.

On October 3-5, 2003 the combined forces of Good Queen Bess carried the day. Queen Elizabeth won by 1 point. War Points were awarded for Chivalry Melees, A & S competition, Service, Bardic, Rapier Melees, Equestrian, and Archery. Duke Patrick Michael was the Autocrat who also designed the scenarios. For the rapier melees there was a fort battle, a field battle, a town battle, and a bridge battle. The melees alternated between chivalric and rapier. The bridge battle was a noted favorite.

Wording in the original event ad seem to indicate that this was the first year for Rosenfeld’s Champions: Chivalric, Rapier, Bardic, Equestrian, Archery, and A & S, but this is unconfirmed at this time. Interestingly, there was a Teen Tavern known as “The Lazy Lion” that was open from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM for those children ages 8 and above. Refreshments were served compliments of Lady Vara, resident Tavern Keeper. Various games were set up for the children’s enjoyment!
Battle of Three Queens marks the first time for Rosenfeld to utilize the new site Lake Hawkins RV Park! Site fees were Adults: $10 Children 5-17: $5 Children under 5 were FREE. Family max: $30.

2004 - Battle of Three Kings X

Held the weekend of November 12-14, 2004 the tenth anniversary Battle of the Three Kings included Bardic Collegium! It looks to have been a grand affair according to the ad in The Black Star...

There has always been history between France and England, some good, and some bad. The story of that amazingly influential woman, Eleanor of Aquitaine, leads the historian and our Society to another intriguing Three Kings event... in this our tenth anniversary.

We find the years of 1170 - 1173 with England and France at each other's throats. Louis VII, King of France, is supporting Eleanor of Aquitaine (his ex-wife) in her bid to place Prince Henry on the throne of England. However, her new husband, Henry II, is presently King of England and is not in agreement with Eleanor's plan. William Marshal has been sworn by King Henry II to protect, serve, and teach Prince Henry. Where will that lead?

Of course, King Henry II has three other sons... Richard, John, and Geoffrey. What will their parts be in this medieval Peyton Place? So, we find the main players in this 10th anniversary to be Eleanor, Henry II, and Louis VII. Will history play out the same way again, or will we change it to fit our own views? Come to Three Kings and be a part of the politics, the intrigue, and the battles that are the Middle Ages of the early 1170's.
War points awarded for Chivalric Melees, Rapier Melees, Archery, Equestrian, Arts and Sciences, Service, and Bardic! Each person participating in the above scenarios was asked to bring a prize to contribute to the war chest. The War Chest was given to the victorious King and his henchmen - er, um - supporters to distribute as he saw fit.

Grimver was this year’s Autocrat with Kilian MacRaith of the Ironshell as Co-Autocrat. Doña Antonia, Premier Bard of Ansteorra, Lord Alden, and Master Pendaran coordinated Bardic Collegium activities which included a diverse variety of classes. Site fee was $10 for adults, $5 for children ages 5-17 with children under 4 being admitted for FREE.

2005 - Battle of Three Kings XI - Clash of the TARTANS!

There have always been warring Clans in Scotland. During the weekend of November 11-13, 2005 guests of the Shire of Rosenfeld were transported back to 1388. At this time three brothers vied for the power of the throne in Scotland. John, who changed his name to Robert III, was eventually crowned King of Scotland. John and his younger brother, Robert, Earl of Fife, had ambitions for the throne. Likewise did Alexander Buchan, known as the Wolf of Badenoch. However, the event ad cautions us not to delve too deeply into the politics of Kings or "would be" Kings, but rather that we should join Rosenfeld in experiencing the warring clans of the Highlands during The Clash of the TARTANS!

These mighty warriors are descended from ancient Gaelic tribes and never shirk a battle.: Clan MacKintosh was led by Duke Miguel and Duchess Conal. Clan Cameron was led by Sir Gideon and Lady Bridget. Clan Davidson was led by Centurion Angus. After the battles had all been fought, there was an old-fashioned tavern with games and bardic to show word fame for the clan of your choice. There was also a raffle for a pavilion set up and other items. Tickets were on sale at Service Point.

Again, held at Lake Hawkins RV Park with Sir William DeMolay being the Autocrat. Site fees remained Adults: $10 Children 5-17: $5 Children 4 and under were FREE. Family max: $30.

2006- Battle of Three Kings

November 3-5, 2006 found the grandsons of Charlemagne in a heated contention for land and power! Details for this event are sorely lacking as we were unable to uncover an event ad or find chatter about it on the archived Ansteorran list.

What we do know is that in August 843 the Treaty of Verdun was signed. It was the first treaty to divide the Carolingian Empire into three kingdoms; one each for the three surviving sons of Louis the Pious, son of Charlemagne. The treaty, signed in Verdun-sur-Meuse, ended the three-year Carolingian Civil War. This war was the basis of the 2006 Battle of Three Kings.

Each of the three brothers were already established in their own kingdoms: Lothair in the Kingdom of Italy; Louis the German in Kingdom of Bavaria; and Charles the Bald in the Kingdom of Aquitaine. However, the eldest son, Lothair I, claimed the entirety of Louis the Pious’ kingdom. Not surprisingly, his brother, Louis the German, and their half-brother, Charles the Bald, refused to acknowledge his claim and declared war against him.

It is presumed that the event was held at Lake Hawkins RV Park with the customary, scenarios, activities, and War Points. However, who played the Principles and which brother was victorious? If anyone has an archived copy of the November 2006 The Black Star, or other details pertaining to this event, please consider making such known to us!

Story and Song

Excerpt from the November 2011 issue of The Thorny Truth; closing lines of the missive from (then) MoAS Lady Emma Farewyll.

Let the Festival Begin ‘Tis the company… our populace fair and noble.
‘Tis our Rosenfeld… gentles good of heart - lacking bitterness or envy,
Steadfast in word and deed, ever of service one to the other,
Clothed in raiment of honesty - dissembling not,
Skilled hands opened to teach and with humility
Serve our society for the joy of it,
In no way lacking a community of talents
Contriving to gratify perfection in art and in conduct.
Yea Rosenfeld… thou are a treasure… so attracting that it cannot be denied…
Let the festival begin…we shall meet there anon!