Raven's Fort

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The Barony of Raven's Fort is located in Huntsville, Texas. The lands of The Barony of Raven's Fort include the areas surrounding the cities of Huntsville, Cleveland, Conroe and Livingston, Texas. It is in the Southern Region of Ansteorra.

Per fess embattled argent and gules, a raven close to sinister sable and a plate within a laurel wreath Or.


The following People have sat the Baronial Thrones of Raven's Fort:

Arenvald Kief av Kiersted and Alix Catlin de Curci September 23, 1989 - March 3, 1994
David Saint David and Chrystal Ariana MacRuari May 14, 1994 - September 15, 2001
Niklas Vasilevich and Kezia Kiabarta September 15. 2001 - February 26, 2005
Arenvald Kief av Kiersted and Lorraine Deerslayer (Vicar and Vicaress) February 26, 2005 - January 14, 2006
Brian du Val and Fionna ni Cheallaigh January 14, 2006 - March 26, 2011
Pasquale Pace and Giovanna Lena Carrona March 26, 2011 - present


The Baronial Service Order of Raven's Fort is the Order of the Raven's Wings of Raven's Fort.

There are two closed service orders: Order of the Raven's Heart and Order of the Raven.