Koia Karasova

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Koia Karasova - Ansteorra 40th Year.JPG
At Ansteorra 40th Year, September 2019
Registered Name: Koia Karasova
Resides: Namron
Status: Active
Joined SCA: 04/2016
Order of Precedence
Koia Karasova
Koia karasova device.jpg
Per pale argent and sable, a sun counterchanged sable and Or within a bordure counterchanged.

Boiarynia Koia Karasova

Previously Known As: Sunewa Káradóttir
Pronouns: She/Her

With the 81st Crown at Their Coronation

Additional Registered Heraldry:

  • (fieldless) A sun per pale sable and Or (Pending)

Offices and Notable Service

Officer positions:

  • Chronicler, Namron 2017
  • Treasurer, Namron 2019-2020
  • SMO, Namron 2019-2021
  • Tressure Herald, Kingdom, present
  • Interim SMO, Kingdom, present


  • Namron Beltane, 2017
  • Namron Protectorate, 2018
  • Namron Virtual Protectorate, 2020
  • Vindheim Vindheim Coronet, Summer 2022

Lyst Coordinator:

  • Namron Medieval Fair Demo, 2018
  • support, Northkeep Castellan, 2018
  • Eldern Hills Samhain, 2018
  • Wiesenfeuer Baronial, 2019
  • Namron Medieval Fair Demo, 2019
  • Northkeep Castellan, 2019
  • Namron Protectorate, 2019
  • Namron Protectorate 2021
  • Lyst coordinator, protectorate 2022

Other Event Positions:

  • Water Support Coordinator, Namron Beltane, 2018
  • Royal Liaison, Vindheim, Vindheim Coronet, Winter 2021

Support role:

  • Lyst Coordinator Support, Medieval Fair Demo, 2017
  • Lyst Coordinator Support, Namron Protectorate 2017
  • Lyst Coordinator Support, Eldern Hills Samhain 2017
  • Water bearing, protectorate 2017
  • Feast staff, protectorate 2017
  • Water bearing, BAM 2018
  • Feast staff, Yule
  • Feast staff, wInterkingdom


  • Namron b&b Kyna and Eadwulf
  • Wiesenfeuer b&b Dee and Valia
  • Namron b&b Uliana and Micolay
  • Head of Entourage - Uliana and Micolay
  • Acting Head of Entourage at Protectorate 2022 - Kolfinna and Yancy
  • Crown, Jason and Margherita
  • Crown, Jason and Margherita II
  • Crown, Vlad and Margaret
  • Crown, Jason and Margherita III (Gold Star)
  • Crown, Floki and Elizabeth (Gold Star)
  • Crown, Creppin and Toryn
  • Namron b&b Kolfinna and Yancy

Persona History:

A Kievan Rus noblewoman during the reign of Olga of Kiev.


  • Autocratting
  • Sewing early period Garb
  • Block Printing
  • Fighter Support
  • Entouraging
  • Lampwork
  • General Moral Support

Timeline of Activity:

  • Joined April 2016
  • Received her Award of Arms at Namron Protectorate, 2017
  • Received the Torsade of Namron at Namron Protectorate, 2018
  • Received the Sable Crane of Ansteorra at Northkeep Castellan, 2019
  • Received the Sable Thistle of Ansteorra (Costuming) at Virtual Court, Sept 19 2020
  • Received the Sable Thistle of Ansteorra (Block Printing) at Glaslyn Artisan, 2021
  • Won Novice Glaslyn Artisan competition at Glaslyn Artisan, 2021
  • Received a Sable Sparrow for her work as Royal Liaison at the Premier Vindheim Coronet, at Gulf Wars 2022.
Kitchen Help for Wiesenfeuer Yule, 2018 with Yzabeau Brossier

Populace Provided Information:

Kolfinna Egilsdóttir

Koia is my real-life daughter, and it has been such a joy to watch her learning new skills, and outright blossoming as she walks the path of Service in the SCA. It has been a genuine pleasure to defer to her knowledge of Rus garb as I embarked on my first attempts.

Kyna Terricsdottir

Koia once ran an entire chivalric tournament blindfolded.


  • Koia appears in the Ansteorra Dance Video
  • Koia is a photographer and has a photographer release form for all of her photography.

Non-Armigerous Awards and Recognitions:

  • Torsade of Namron
  • Argent Fleur of Namron
  • Mog Cog from Mooneshadowe
  • Golden Star from Jason & Margherita III
  • Golden Star from Floki & Elizabeth I



===Mundane Information:===

  • Type One Diabetic.

Special Needs:

====In Case of Court:====

  • Do not escort unless Koia asks.