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Registered Name: Violet Tailyeaour
Resides: In Memory
Status: Fallen Star
Joined SCA: August 2004, Fall Potrero War, Caid
Order of Precedence
Kingdom of Ansteorra
Kingdom of the West
Kingdom of Meridies

Purpure, a sea-goat and on a chief argent a thistle between two cinquefoils purpure.

Viscountess Violet Tailyeaour, OP

Previously Known As:

Additional Registered Heraldry:


  • Local Offices Held
    • Exchequer, Barony of Winter’s Gate, Principality of Oertha, Kingdom of the West - January 2018-July 2018
    • Exchequer, Barony of Winter’s Gate, Principality of Oertha, Kingdom of the West - July 2016-July 2017
    • Deputy Exchequer, Barony of Winter’s Gate, Principality of Oertha, Kingdom of the West - February 2016-July 2016
    • Reeve (Exchequer), Shire of Forth Castle, Kingdom of Meridies - January 2014– March 2015
    • Webminister, Shire of Forth Castle, Kingdom of Meridies - January 2014– March 2015
  • Regional Offices Held
    • Webminister, Principality of Oertha, Kingdom of the West - January 2018-July 2018
    • Deputy Exchequer, Principality of Oertha, Kingdom of the West - January 2018-July 2018
    • 66th Princess of Oertha - August 2017-January 2018
    • Lady Borealis - July 2017-August 2017
    • Deputy Exchequer, Principality of Oertha, Kingdom of the West - January 2017-July 2017
    • Webminister, Principality of Oertha, Kingdom of the West - July 2016-July 2017
    • Deputy Webminister, Principality of Oertha, Kingdom of the West - January 2016-July 2016
    • 62nd Princess of Oertha - July 2015-January 2016

Persona History:

Violet is originally from the Perthshire port area of Scotland in the 12th Century AD, but she fell in love with Viking Age clothing, textiles, and accessories.


Violet enjoys costuming, shenanigans, lampworking, mixology, history of the occult, astrology and divination, illumination, and experiments with whatever else happens to tickle her fancy.


Timeline of Activity:

Cha deoch-slàint, i gun a tràghadh.
Violet is wed to Viscount Duncan ap Llywellyn and their son Tristan Duncanson was born in the far-off Outlands. Violet's first adventures in the Society began in August 2004 in the Barony of Calafia in the Kingdom of Caid. This is where she fell in love with both the Society and her now husband. Then onward to the Barony of Dragonsspine, Kingdom of the Outlands in the Spring of 2006, the Shire of Forth Castle, Kingdom of Meridies in the Spring of 2009, then to the Barony of Winter's Gate, Kingdom of the West in the Spring of 2015, and to the Barony of Eldern Hills in the Kingdom of Ansteorra in the summer of 2018. They departed Ansteorra in 2023.
Violet passed away from a sudden illness on March of 2023.

Prior Groups:

A.S. 39 to A.S. 40 (2004-2006 CE) Barony of Calafia, Kingdom of Caid
A.S. 40 to A.S. 43 (2006-2009 CE) Barony of Dragonsspine, Kingdom of the Outlands
A.S. 43 to A.S. 49 (2009-2015 CE) Shire of Forth Castle, Kingdom of Meridies
A.S. 49 to A.S. 53 (2015-2018 CE) Barony of Winter's Gate, Principality of Oertha, Kingdom of the West

Populace Provided Information:

Shelby Wyatt

I've been struggling to sit down and write this, but it's time. I can't sum up everything Violet meant to me in a single post but she's worth my trying to capture just a little of her magic.

Over the last year, I had the incredible privilege of getting to know and learn from and absolutely adore Violet (Danielle). From the moment Muirenn introduced us, I was so excited to become Violet's friend. To have her taken from us so suddenly and unexpectedly is something we are still trying to wrap our heads around.

Violet was vivacious and vivid and full of so very, very many opinions (many of which we shared, some of which we differed on, and some of which she graciously respected my decision to be wrong on). She taught me so much, held my hand through many projects (including my favorite "Vindheim Viking" outfit), and offered her advice on anything I asked. While neither of us had any siblings, we clicked in a way that always made me tell her, 'This must be what it's like to have a big sister,' for all the teasing and tough love and tears (and not in the 'a little sister has suddenly appeared and now it's the end of the world,' way, although we did get through that season of Buffy together, along with the rest). She would paint my nails and I would brush her hair and we'd talk about everything.

A year isn't long, not nearly long enough, to have had Violet in my life. We were all robbed of precious time with her and it makes me treasure my memories of her all the more. I especially loved our first solo adventure to King's College and our girls' trip to Crown Tournament with Kelly, and the incredible week we just returned from at Gulf Wars. Getting to see Violet at War was magical (and I can't describe how I delighted in finding and gathering a bouquet of wild violets for her right before we parted). She was big and boisterous and so excited about the ways life was falling into place.

I saw her a week ago. I hugged her a week ago. Her being gone is radically unfair and feels equally impossible.

Seeing the way that so many people--many of whom have never met each other but who are connected through the roots she laid down along the way--step up in the aftermath of her passing just shows how wide her reach was and how many lives she touched. I've come to understand what a privilege being her friend is. For now, I'm missing my friend. Next, I'll find a way to put all she taught me into practice.

Let her memory be a blessing.

Elsa von Snackenberg

Outside of Charles, Violet was the person who believed in Vindheim in a way that made it real to me - well before it had an established name, identity, momentum. She and Duncan gave us essential experience-based opinions and hard truths.

She's gone, and Duncan ap Llywellyn has moved away, but they are essential Vindheimers in my estimation.

So say I,
Mistress Elsa von Snackenberg, OP, LION of Ansteorra

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:


  • Event Planning Team Member and Budget Lead for the upcoming PPF 2020: Beyond the Wall
    • PPF stands for Perfectly Period Feast, though in this instance it is Plausibly Period Feast. This will be an enchanted ground type Viking Age play space in the Winter of 2020 in Alaska
  • Site Liaison, Oertha Summer Coronet, 2017
  • Royal Liaison, Oertha Winter Coronet and Investiture, 2017
  • Began website transition for the Principality of Oertha to the unified system utilized by the West Kingdom
  • Regalia gift of haversacks for the Principality of Oertha Royalty
  • Event Steward/Autocrat, Winter’s Gate Fall Captaincy, 2016
  • Lady of the Chamber, Kenric V and Dagmar III of Oertha
  • Lady of the Chamber, Shawn II and Arabella II of Oertha
  • TRH Entourage Court of Adhemar II and Elina of Meridies
  • TRM Entourage Court of Adhemar and Sorcha of Meridies
  • New Baronial Coronet Regalia Committee, Winter’s Gate
  • Coordinated successful “Coffee Salon” fundraiser, Jour d’Amore (Meridies)
  • Coordinated coronation gifts for Royalty on behalf of local group, Shire of Forth Castle
  • Regularly host open house sewing and project days at my house
  • Inter-kingdom Anthropology assistance for new residents
  • Complete redesign of website for the Shire of Forth Castle
  • Contribution of Largess to principality coffers, Oertha
  • Contribution to War Shield Gift for Kingdom, Meridies
  • Encourage newcomers to participate by providing loaner equipment and clothing
  • Fighter support and encouragement
  • Founder of the Facebook Group for Military SCAdians

Classes Taught and Instruction Given:

  • Introduction to Rectangular Construction Methods
  • Fitted Viking Apron Dress using Period Construction
  • The Smokkr: Digging into Authenticity
  • Herjolfsnes Gown Construction
  • Extended Methods of Rectangular Construction
  • How to Make a Dayshade for the Tourney Field
  • Precedence and Protocol for Beginners, or “What are they wearing on their head?”
  • SCA Costuming for Beginners, or “Elf Ears aren’t historical?”
  • Elementary lampworking

Non-Armigerous Awards and Recognitions:


  • Household of Bloody Ridge
  • Friend of Drafn Warband (Blue Border)

  • Peer to: Baroness Katrin Stefansdottir

  • Co-Owner of Vogue Medieval: Custom Clothing, Stamps, Regalia, and Accessories.

Mundane Information:

Special Needs:

In Case of Court:


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