5th Crown

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4th_Crown Finn Kelly O'Donnell and Elzasif Ironhand 6th_Crown


Finn and Cyf, LLoyd and Jocelyn, Tonn and Elizabeth

Crown Info:

*King: Finn (Finn Kelly O'Donnell)[OP]

*Queen: Sif (Elzasif Ironhand)[OP]

*Crown Tourney:

*Coronation: July 18, 1981

*Stepped Down: January 30, 1982

*Predecessors: Sigmund the Wingfooted and Sieglinda Syr

*Heirs: Lloyd von Eaker and Jocelyn Alleyne Reynard

*Crowns of Ansteorra


Coronation Remembrance written by Jehana Wyverna

Lion: Pepin Moroni (OP)

Queen’s Champion: Sigmund the Wingfooted (OP)

King’s Gauntlet

Queen’s Glove


Sigmund the Wingfooted (OP) 1981-07-18 KSCA
Richenda de la Selva (OP) 1981-09-12 Laurel
Torin Ertheshert (OP) 1982-01-09 KSCA

Tales of the Reign

A Chronicle of Coronation

Being the Coronation of Finn & Cyf, Stargate, July 18, A.S. XVI (1981)

July 18, A.S. XVI, a hot humid and lazy Saturday, led into the Coronation of Their Majesties Finn Kelly O'Donnell and Cyf Ironhand. Most of the attending Bjornsborgers had arrived very late (early) Friday night (Saturday morning). On Saturday, we set up camp in the shade of an overhanging tree, and remained there conversing and gambling until Court and the feast were about to begin. Hrabia Jan and Jarlinde Kemreth led a small entourage down to the pavilion for Evening Court. During the final court of Their Majesties Sigmund and Sieglinde, Awards of Arms were granted to Briony Blåaslagen and Ariel Manchette; Jocelyn Allyne Reynard was made a Lady of the Rose; Sir Sean de Carew was made a Knight of the SCA; and Sir Dragomyr sued for the hand of Baroness Alexandra. Then Sigmund presented the King's Gauntlets to Sir Tarl Mapt and Sir Sean de Carew and Sieglinde presented the Queen's Gloves to Baroness Arlene the Soother and Lady Siobhan nic an Baird. After a very touching farewell, Sigmund Rex was no longer, and Sir Finn Kelly O'Donnell was crowned King of Ansteorra, whereupon he crowned Sir Cyf Ironhand Queen. Following this, Sir Sigmund the Wingfooted was made a Knight of the SCA; Sigmund and Sieglinde were granted the titles of Jarl and Jarlinde; John Budriss the Healer was presented the Queen's Glove; and Pepin received a license as Court Fool. Also, many presentations were made to Their Past Majesties and Their Present Majesties.

After Court was closed, the Bjornsborg contingent went back to their campsite and most were up quite late preparing dinner (BBQ chickens for eight takes a while on a little bitty grill that holds 1 chicken at a time). Following the food, some retired and some went for a cool, relaxing late-night swim. Sunday dawned hot and humid. The Bjornsborg fighters armored for melees against the Ravencrew and the Stargate crew, at which they made a good showing. Rei Galen of Bristol was made Squire to Count Sir Ton in a brief ceremony. Finally, all broke for lunch; then we loaded up and headed home.

Briony Blåaslagen
Bjornsborg Historian

A Tale of the Crown Tourney Bouts

Many years ago, at a crown tourney ( won by Sir Finn Kelley) I was delighted by the bout between Sir Finn and Baron Korwyn. Pepin de Moronis was squiring for Korwyn. When the bout was called Pepin strode up to Sir Finn, carrying a plethora is sword, any way he could. Pepin would pull out a sword, "measure" Sir Finn with it, then present the sword to Korwyn. Korwyn would swing it once or twice, then throw it aside, shaking his head no. This went on with two or three weapons till Korwyn was satisfied and Sir Finn was clearly champing at the bit to start fighting.....it was a more civilized entertainment......

Beorhlic Folcwineson

On This Day In Ansteorran History...

Provided by Robert Fitzmorgan

On this date ion 1981 The 6th Steppes Warlord Tournament was held. Their Royal Majesties Sigmund the Wingfooted and Sieglinda Syr the 4th King and Queen of Ansteorra gave the following awards at Court:
Anne Louise of Bluecastle: Award of Arms
Branwyn O'Brallaghan: Oak o/t Steppes, Order o/t
Cadfan ap Morgan Godrudd: Star of Merit, Order o/t
Gwyneth of Dragon's Keepe: Sable Thistle of Ansteorra, Award o/t
Ivan Gregorivich: Award of Arms
Jonathan DeLaufyson Macebearer: Star of Merit, Order o/t
Lloyd von Eaker: Pelican, Order o/t
LoAleene Penrith: Award of Arms & Oak o/t Steppes, Order o/t
Siobhan nic an Baihrd: Sable Thistle of Ansteorra, Award o/t
Theresa of the Blue Rose: Award of Arms
Willow De Wisp: Star of Merit, Order o/t