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2002 Calendar 2004


Date Event Group
3-5 Steppes 12th Night the Steppes (Dallas, TX)
10-12 Coronation the Steppes
17-19 King's Round Table Threebridges
24-26 Queen's Champion Elfsea
wInterkingdom Northkeep (Tulsa, OK)


Date Event Group
31-2 Candelmas Feast & Kingdom A&S Bryn Gwlad (Austin, TX) *PED*
Border Wars Lindenwood (Irving, TX)
7-9 Tribute to Ansteorra Eldern Hills (Lawton, OK)
14-16 Ice Axe XXII Middleford (Killeen/FtHood/ Copperas Cove, TX)
Western Region A&S Mendersham (Abilene, TX)
21-23 Tournament of the Black Stag XII La Marche Sauvage (McAllen, TX)
Day at the Pas de Armes Raven's Fort (Huntsville, TX)
River War Rivers Run (Ponca City, OK)


Date Event Group
28-2 Youth Camp Cridhe na Tyr (Rockdale, TX)
Coastal Invasion Seawinds (Corpus Christi, TX)
7-9 (open)
10-16 Gulf War XII
21-23 (open)
28-30 Barbarian Rogue Fest III the Shadowlands (College Station, TX)
Defender of the Flame Glaslyn (Denton, TX)


Date Event Group
4-6 The Pilgrimage to Saint Adalbert's Bjornsborg (San Antonio, TX)
Elfsea Springfaire Elfsea (Ft. Worth, TX)
11-13 Hero of the Temple Tempio (Temple, TX)
Festival of Japan Brad Leah (Wichita Falls, TX)
Guardian of the Gauntlet Stargate (Houston, TX)
18-20 A Day at the Market Raven's Fort (Huntsville, TX)
Tournament of the Emeralds Emerald Keep (Waco, TX)
25-27 Octavian Tournament Bonwicke (Lubbock, TX) *PED*
Spring Melees Graywood (Lufkin/Nacogdoches, TX)
Guardian of Dragonsfire Tor XII Dragonsfire Tor (Stephenville, TX)
Wastelands Games Wastelands (Enid, OK)


Date Event Group
2-4 Crown Tourney Northkeep (Tulsa, OK)
9-11 Bordermarch Baronial Championships Bordermarch (Beaumont, TX)
Mendersham Defender Mendersham (Abilene, TX)
Eldern XXV Eldern Hills (Lawton, OK)
16-18 Loch Soilleir Baronial Loch Soilleir (Clear Lake, TX) *PED*
Beltain Games Namron (Norman, OK)
23-26 Steppes Warlord the Steppes (Dallas, TX) *PED*
30-1 Castellan Northkeep (Tulsa, OK) *PED*
Baronial Investiture Bryn Gwlad (Austin, TX)


Date Event Group
6-8 Midsummer Faire Gate's Edge (Houston, TX)
Knowne World Dance and Music Symposium IV Threebridges (Arlington, TX)
13-15 Passe d'Arms XIV Adlersruhe (Amarillo, TX)
King's College Bjornsborg
20-22 Midsummer's Masqued Ball Lindenwood (Irving, TX)
27-29 Kingdom Heraldic & Scribal Symposium Westgate (Houston, TX)
Baronial Investiture & Academy of the Bow Wiesenfeuer (OKC, OK)


Date Event Group
4-6 Sundered Shield IV Crossrode Keep (Big Springs, TX)
11-13 Coronation Stargate (Houston, TX)
18-20 King's Round Table Dragonsfire Tor (Stephenville, TX)
25-27 Queen's Champion Loch Soilleir (Clear Lake, TX)


Date Event Group
1-3 Steppes Artisan Competition the Steppes (Dallas, TX)
Midsummer Faire Gate's Edge (Houston, TX)
8-10 Lughnasad Loch Ruadh (Benbrook/White Settlement, TX)
Westgate Winter Collegium Westgate
15-17 (open)
22-24 Artisan of the Flame Glaslyn (Denton, TX)
29-31 Wiesenfeuer Baronial Wiesenfeuer (OKC, OK) *PED*
Gothic Wars Crossrode Keep (Big Springs, TX)


Date Event Group
5-7 Battle of the Pines Graywood (Nacogdoches, TX)
12-14 A Day at the Coliseum Stargate (Houston, TX)
Mooneschadowe Guardian XXIII Mooneschadowe (Stillwater, OK)
19-21 Defender of the Fort Raven's Fort (Huntsville, TX) *PED*
German Fest Brad Leah –(Wichita Falls, TX)
26-27 Elfsea Defender XXV Elfsea (Fort Worth, TX) *PED*
Golden Arrow IX / String of Pearls Stonebridge Keep (Victoria , Tx)


Date Event Group
3-5 Battle of Three Kings Rosenfeld (Tyler/Longview, TX)
10-12 Namron Protectorate Namron (Norman, OK) *PED*
Cour d' Amour Gate's Edge (Houston, TX)
17-19 Heroes Bjornsborg (San Antonio, TX) *PED*
24-26 Samhain Celebration Eldern Hills (Lawton/Ft. Sill, OK) *PED*
Samhain Stew Tempio (Temple, TX)
Seawinds Defender/String of Pearls Seawinds - (Corpus Christi, TX)
Fall Arts Symposium Loch Ruadh (Benbrook/White Settlement, TX)


Date Event Group
31-2 Crown Tournament Dragonsfire Tor (Stephenville, TX)
7-9 Bryn Gwlad Fall Event Bryn Gwlad (Austin, TX)
WinterKingdom Northkeep (Tulsa , OK)
14-16 Harvest Dance Mendersham (Abilene, TX)
Warchieftan/Cavalier of the Bridge Middleford (Killeen/Ft. Hood/Copperas Cove, TX)
Autumn Melees Bordermarch (Beaumont, TX) *PED*
21-23 Hunter’s Moon Emerald Keep (Waco, TX)
28-30 (open)


Date Event Group
5-7 Dragonsfire Tor Yule Revel Dragonsfire Tor (Stephenville, TX)
Wiesenfeuer Yule Revel Wiesenfeuer(OKC, OK)
Ffynnon Gath Yule Revel Fynnon Gath (San Marcos, TX)
12-14 Stargate Yule Revel Stargate (Houston, TX)
Bonwicke Twelfth Night Bonwicke (Lubbock, TX)
19-21 Tournament of the Golden Heart La Marche Sauvage (McAllen, TX)
26-28 (open)

2002 Calendar 2004