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1986 Calendar 1988


Date Event Group
2-4 Bonwicke Twelfth Night Bonwicke (Lubbock, TX)
9-11 Steppes Twelfth Night the Steppes (Dallas, TX)
16-18 Frost on the Helm Tourney Wyndhaven (Kerville, TX)
23-25 Guardian of the Gauntlet Bordermarch (Beaumont, TX)
Twelfth Night at Camelot Northkeep (Tulsa, OK)
30- 1 Coronation Stargate (Houston, TX)


Date Event Group
6-8 Candlemas / Kingdom Heraldic Symposium Bryn Gwlad - (Austin, TX)
Tandure Tourney I Tandure (Durant, OK)
13-15 King's College the Shadowlands (College Station, TX)
Tournament of Love Black Lake (Midland/Odessa, TX)
Viking Allthing Seawinds (Corpus Christi, TX)
20-22 Squires Invitational Stargate (Houston, TX)
27-1 Border Dispute Mooneschadowe (Stillwater, OK)
Ice Axe Tourney Middleford (Killeen, TX)


Date Event Group
6-8 Tournament of the Lions Bjornsborg (San Antonio, TX)
13-15 Academy of the Rapier the Steppes (Dallas, TX)
20-22 Spring tournament Stargate (Houston, TX)
27-29 Queen's Champion Loch Soilleir (Clear Lake, TX)


Date Event Group
3-5 Russian Easter Revel Bryn Gwlad (Austin, TX)
Quest for the Clover III Raven's Fort (Huntsville, TX)
10-12 Spring Masque Free Hills (Midlothian, TX)
Roundtable Tournament the Shadowlands (College Station, TX)
17-19 Champion Tourney Fynnon Gath (San Marcos, TX)
Elfsea Spring Faire Elfsea (Ft. Worth, TX)
24-26 Archery Tourney Bjornsborg (San Antonio, TX)
Spring Melees Bordermarch (Beaumont, TX)


Date Event Group
1-3 Tourney of the Emeralds Emerald Keep (Waco, TX)
Beltane games Namron (Norman, OK)
8-10 Crown Tournament Eldern Hills (Lawton, OK)
15-17 Black Rose Tourney Bryn Gwlad (Austin, TX)
22-24 Steppes Warlord the Steppes (Dallas, TX)
29-31 Baronial Championship Stargate (Houston, TX)
Celtic Cattle Squabble Three Lochs (San Angelo, TX)


Date Event Group
5-7 Summer Battles Mooneschadowe (Stillwater, OK)
Bordermarch Bardic Championship Bordermarch (Beaumont, TX)
12-14 Lady's Chivalry Tourney Bryn Gwlad (Austin, TX)
19-21 Ninth Eldern Tourney Eldern Hills (Lawton, OK)
26-28 Kingdom Bardic College Stargate (Houston, TX)


Date Event Group
3-5 4th Annual Ansteorra - Calontir Interkingdom Peace Calontir
10-12 Open
17-19 Guardian Tourney Loch Soilleir (Clear Lake, TX)
Rapiers and Roses Graywood
24-26 Coronation Bryn Gwlad (Austin, TX)


Date Event Group
31-2 Baronial Arts and Sciences Stargate (Houston, TX)
7-9 Defender of the Fort Raven's Fort (Huntsville, TX)
Kingdom Warlord Northkeep (Tulsa, OK)
14-16 Siege of the Abbey Seawinds (Corpus Christi, TX)
Black Lake Sentinel Tourney and Faire Black Lake (Midland/Odessa, TX)
21-23 Queen's Champion
28-30 Elfstomp and Eistedfodd Stargate (Houston, TX)


Date Event Group
4-6 Elfsea Defender Elfsea (Ft. Worth, TX)
11-13 Guardian Tourney Mooneschadowe (Stillwater, OK)
Battle of the Pines Graywood (Nacogdoches, TX)
18-20 Middle Eastern Event the Steppes (Dallas, TX)
Chivalry tourney Wyndhaven (Kerrville, TX)
25-28 Octavian Tourney Bonwicke (Lubbock, TX)
Kings College the Shadowlands (College Station, TX)


Date Event Group
2-4 Harvest Moon Tourney Emerald Keep (Waco, TX)
9-11 Passage of Arms, Interkingdom with Outlands (Clovis, NM)
16-18 Harvest Moon Tourney Emerald Keep (Waco, TX)
Baronial Championship Tournament Bryn Gwlad (Austin, TX)
23-25 All Hallows's Eve Celebration Adlersruhe (Amarillo, TX)
Autumn Celebration Bjornsborg (San Antonio, TX)
The Gathering Bastion de la Frontier (Texarkana, TX)
30-1 Samhain Celebration / Baronial Investiture / Eisteddfod Eldern Hills (Lawton, OK)


Date Event Group
6-8 Middleford War Chiefton II Middleford (Killeen, TX)
Kingdom Heraldic Synmposium Bryn Gwlad (Austin, TX)
13-15 Fall Melees Bordermarch (Beaumont, TX)
20-22 Crown Tournament Raven's Fort (Huntsville, TX)
27-29 Clan Cadal Tournament Elfsea (Ft. Worth, TX)


Date Event Group
4-6 Kingdom Arts and Scineces the Steppes (Dallas, TX)
11-13 Yule Revel Stargate (Houston, TX)
Yule Revel Wiesenfeuer (OKC, OK)
18-20 Christmas Yule Revel Bryn Gwlad (Austin, TX)
25-27 Open

1986 Calendar 1988