Black Lake

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The Shire of Black Lake was located in Midland/Odessa, Texas. It was in the Western Region of Ansteorra until that region was eliminated in January of 2008 (See Email announcement), then became part of the Southern Region.

heraldic achievement for the Defunct Branch


This chapter was founded April 1982, gained official shire status January 1986 Named for the Oil bearing region in which it is located.

The originally known as Tir nam Dubh Loch, a name mentioned in the June, 1984 Laurel Letter of Acceptances and Returns, in which Tir nan Locha Dhuibh was registered for the branch [1]. The branch name was changed to the present one in February of 1985 [2].

And Now?



The following People have sat the Throne of Defunct Chapter:

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