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The Shire of Trelac was located in San Angelo, Texas. It was in the Western Region of Ansteorra until that region was eliminated in January of 2008 [1], when it became part of the Southern Region.


The shire was founded in 1984 by a group made up in large part of persons connected to Goodfellow Air Force Base and Angelo State University [2]. It was originally known as Three Lochs, then as Trelochs, Treloch, and Stamdonshire, but the first name successfully registered for the branch was Standonshire [3]. That was changed to the current branch name in February of 1995 [4].

All activity in the shire was voluntarily suspended in June of 2010. A small faction of the group requested that they be allowed to continue and were granted permission. This lasted for about two years. The lands where later granted to the Barony of Bonwicke which holds them to this day.


The branch arms, Azure, a laurel wreath Or and a chief argent goutty-de-larmes, were registered in November of 1993.