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Photo by Diarmait ua Dhuinn, Winterkingdom January 2012
Registered Name: Ulrich von Budingen
Resides: In Memory
Status: Fallen Stars
Joined SCA:
Order of Precedence
Ulrich von Budingen


Honorable Lord UlrichVon Budigen

Previously Known As:

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  • Local Offices Held
    • Prior Archery Marshal of the Barony of Northkeep
  • Member, Northkeep Baronial Guard

Persona History:


  • Archery (Combat & Target)

Timeline of Activity:

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Populace Provided Information:


Ulrich passionately loved the SCA. He loved Ansteorra and he loved Northkeep. He loved her Cantons. He supported them all with his time and skills - and with his generosity after his passing. At his request, many of his SCA themed belongings were donated to charitable fundraisers, helping the Barony of Northkeep with beautification projects, and helping to get the Principality of Vindheim started with funds in its accounts. He loved archery and worked hard to elevate the activity in the region. He donated many of his crossbows to friends over his last few years, and a belt favor and a banner he made has been passed along as well. His personal sword was donated to Vindheim and has taken a special place as the Cut & Thrust Champion of Vindheim's pass down weapon. But Ulrich wasn't just enormously generous. He told the absolute best stories - all with a dry, intelligent wit and mischievous chuckle. He loved to share his adventures of his time in the military and his travels through Europe. He loved to drink, to tell stories, and to shoot archery - sometimes two of those at the same time. He hosted a wine shoot each year, donating a fine bottle from his personal collection as a prize. Even when he was in failing health, he would totter his way into Northkeep Populace meetings, always dressed in period garb as befit a gentleman, pulling his oxygen tank. "Any day on this side of the dirt is a good one," he told me, the last time I saw him. He was a treasure and I miss him.

Aline Swynbroke

he downside to playing so long in the SCA is the friends we lose as the game goes on. Ulrich von Budingen was an archer of great skill, a gentleman, a scholar, and someone who has always had my admiration. Rest well, Ulrich. Until we meet again.

Thomas de Groet

He was a wonderful person, who always had a kind word for everyone. He treated everyone as though they were royalty, and he is missed.

Cornelius Merilainen

Had a lot of fun at Northern Border Skirmishes this weekend! (October 21, 2019) I want to thank the autocrats and the rest of the planning group for helping me pull off the archery competition. I had a great time designing the shoot and I'm happy that everyone seemed to enjoy it. Thanks also to everyone that donated to and participated in the wine shoot. I really want to keep the tradition alive in memory and honor of Lord Ulrich von Budingen. Thanks for helping me do so.

Sarran the Traveler

Yesterday I went to a friends funeral. (September 1, 2019) Ulrich von Budingen. He came to Tina Michael viewing. He did so to pay his respects to her at a great cost physically. I know it was hard for him and I greatly respect him for what he did. It was hard on me emotionally but I had to do this. He honored my wife and I had to return that to him. I was able to make it through without losing it. During the funeral, there was a portion where between verses that they were ringing a bell which got progressively longer. A thought went through my mind that something Tina would have said when this happened. 'Avon calling!' I almost busted out in laughter when I thought of this. Tina's sense of humor rubbed off on me. I so much miss her quick wit and sense of humor.<BF>

Montega Black Dragon

He was so incredibly dear to me. Having him at events with us was an absolute delight. I will miss him terribly. I have so many wonderful memories of him. He touched our hearts in a way that we will always remember and celebrate.

Ian Dun Gillan

I first met Ulrich through Northkeep and over the years have enjoyed our many conversations. As Baron he served as one of our champions, and a part of our baronial guard. He was one of those fellows I described as a character, the tales of his many adventures and travels were always educational, his wry sense of humor always entertaining, his sense of service was unsurpassed. When ever we held a demo he could be counted on to not only attend but to openly and actively participate sharing his love of the SCA with anyone who would listen. If there were donations needed he was there with the most unique items, woolen Viking caps acquired in Scandinavia, wooden spoons from whales, arrowheads from the royal museum armory. History books from France and Italy. He always drove the best cars driving home that streak of jealousy in his latest ride. He was and always will be at the heart of Northkeep. Those are times I will always cherish.

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Non-Armigerous Awards and Recognitions:

In January 2025, a special acknowledgement of Ulrich's contributions to the Barony was announced: "This year, we are introducing a Gulf Wars archery scholarship. Northkeep has a proud tradition of archers. Many amazing archers have trained up through the Barony. One of Northkeep's fallen heroes of archery was Ulrich von Budigen. Ulrich was known for his love of history, travel, and GULF WAR COMBAT ARCHERY! He was particularly encouraging to newer archers, making every effort to enable them to fully participate. To that end, we have set up the Ulrich Gulf Wars Scholarship, which will cover the site registration for one newer archer, who will be participating in Combat Archery. To apply for this scholarship, contact Baroness Jehanne."


Mundane Information:

Bearer of the Sable Shield of Ansteorra

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