Vindheim 5th Coronet Tourney

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Event Details


Event Staff

Hosting Group: Adlersruhe
Event Stewards: Elizabeth Brewer & Margaret MacDuff
Site Herald: Taidhgin O'Quin
Herald In Charge: Thomas de Groet Site Setup/Pavilions Coordinator: n/a
Merchant Coordination: Elizabeth Brewer
Youth Activities: Muirenn Nia Ingen Nathi
Populace Support:
Minister of the List: Adalia von dem Burg
Social Media/Live Stream Steward: Koia Karasova
Gate Coordinator: Elsa von Snackenburg
Marshal in Charge: Geoffrey de Gournay
Royal Liaison: Villana Palazolo


8 am- Site opens
9 am- morning court
Processional of Fighters and Consorts-immediately following morning court.
Heavy armor inspections following processional.
Tournament immediately following armor inspections.
10:30 am- Youth activities begin.
11:00 am - Gate Closes
12 pm- break for lunch. Youth activities to resume at 1 pm
12:30 pm- Rapier inspections/heavy as needed
1 pm- Prince’s tournament/Princess’s tournament
2:30-3:30 pm- Royal meetings/Great Officers of State meeting
2:30 pm- Youth activities end
5 pm- Evening court (This was moved to 4:30 the day of the event at their Highness's pleasure)
7 pm- Site closes

Children's Events Schedule

Coronet List Announcement

Greetings Vindheim!
Here are the entrants into Coronet Tournament in no particular Order.

Uriangqadi Cinoajin for Adria Lorelle
Cadmus Lochagus for Valencia of Vindheim
William Cameron deBlakstan for Marguerite Dinard
Turpin Tyme for Nalkah umm al-Jafnā
Gunnarr Bjornulfsson for Jelena al-Maniyya
Romanius Vindheimus Vesperanius for Deanna Della Penna
Thomas Bernhardt for Dominique Michelle le Vesseur
Jean Paul de Sens for Gilyan Alienora of Clonmacnoise
Micauley Morison for Caterina Giovanni
Damon Xanthus for Megan Flower del Wal
Wulfgard Martel for Sainte du Bois
Runa Bjarki for Áshildr inn Hárfagri

HL Villana
Vindheim Seneschal

Combat Format

Youth Activities

Additional Activities

Guests of Honor

Media and Memories


Championship Tournament Formats