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Gulf War is the largest event that Ansteorra is associated with. It occurs every year the second week of March, at Kings arrow Ranch in Lumberton, Mississippi. The War is between us and our Trimarian cousins, with other kingdoms chasing sides due to friendships, diplomacy, and bribery. The War itself is just one feature of the event. There are also many different marshal and artisan tournaments, and an early period life camp, an excellent merchant row, and one of the best Artisan's rows anywhere. Points in the war are determined not just by winning fitting events but also by volunteer hours and artisan competitions. It is often that the War is 'won' not by the fighters, but by the volunteers, and competition is fierce but friendly.


The Long and Doleful History of How Gulf Wars Came To Be, by Master Edwin FitzLloyd

During the Reign of Michael II and Rebekka II on the throne of Ansteorra, is was desirous that there be a treaty formed between the Kingdom of Ansteorra and the Kingdom of Meridies, then ruled by Stephen I and Jacqueline I. In a true period fashion, the Crowns of those kingdoms chose to seal the treaty with the marriage of a prominent peer from each realm.

At the Know world heraldic Symposium, held in the Barony of Elfsea in June of AS 25, the Crown of Meridies presented Mistress Siobhan ni Bhreoghain to be given in marriage to Master Edwin FitzLloyd to seal the treaty. As her Dowry, the Crown of Meridies offered up the lands of Trimaris. In return, Ansteorra presented its interests in the Barony of Three Rivers as the bride price. (see Note 1 and Note 2 below)

The wedding was held at the Know n World heraldic Symposium, with its contract listing the terms, Dowry, and Bride Price signed by the crowns of the two kingdoms involved, and witnessed by the then Laurel King of Arms. (see Note 3 and Note 4 below)

Following the event, a letter was sent by Mistress Siobhan to secure her dower lands, and clarify that she and her husband, Master Edwin, would agree to allow the local rulers to represent themselves as the ersatz “Crown of Trimaris” in public, so long as in private they recognized that that the newlyweds were in fact their overlords, to whom they owed annual taxes in the form to be defined, primarily to consist of fine textiles suitable for fashionable court clothing.

The “ersatz” King of Trimaris replied to the the polite letter with a brief missive that read, “Siobhan, Bite Me, Han Rex” (meant in a good-natured way, as he and Mistress Siobhan were acquaintances of long standing).

Sometime following that exchange of correspondence, a squire from Trimaris traveling in Ansteorra threw down a gauntlet from the Crown of Trimaris in the Ansteorran Court of Inman V and Athena I, being held in the Barony of Stargate.

His Majesty, Inman of Ansteorra then worked valiantly with His Majesty Ryan of Meridies (rumored to have previously been a paramour of Siobhan ni Bhreoghain), and His Majesty Han of Trimaris (who had sent the “most polite” letter of response to Mistress Siobhan’s request to secure her Dower Rights).

When the First Gulf War was held, Mistress Siobhan ni Bhreoghain Fitzlloyd was its autocrat (to make sure that everyone played safely and well, and to assure that she got her fabric allowance…).

For more than a quarter of a century now, Gulf Wars, the outcome of a simple treaty-based marriage ceremony, has provided an honorable venue for participants form across the know World to display their valor and honor both on the field and in other competitions.

Note 1: This occurred in an age prior to the existence of the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann, when Ansteorra and Meridies shared a common border.
Note 2: At the same time, the Ansteorran Lord Athelstan of Staffordshire was married to Mistress Rosamunde of Mercia, another Meridien Laurel, as a secondary security on the treaty. The terms of their marriage contract have been lost to time. Lord Athelstan died young.
Note 3: The wedding contract of Mistress Siobhan ni Bhreoghain and Master Edwin FitzLloyd still exists, safely secured within the FitzLloyd archives, assuring proof of the couple’s rights for future generations.
Note 4: It should be pointed out, for purposes of historical documentation, that one of the primary clauses in the wedding contract, insisted upon by Master Edwin, stated in very concise terms “no Italian retainers or associates will be allowed fraternization with the bride”. Mistress Siobhan later broke that clause by absconding from Ansteorra in the company of an Italian knight, Sir Galen Niccoli, whom she subsequently married, after attempting to gain an annulment of her marriage to Master Edwin, on the grounds of certain incompatibilities.

Gulf War Projects

See: Gulf War Gates

Marshalled Events


Taken from the GW XXVI (2017) Rapier conventions

  • Gulf Wars draws fighters from Kingdoms all over the Known World. A reasonable attempt will be made to meet visiting Kingdoms’ concerns and issues. This cannot happen unless our visitors let us know their concerns and help us to resolve them. Final determination will be made by the RMiC and host Kingdoms.
  • SCA Society rapier rules are the default regarding marshal issues.
  • SCA rules will be the default for general rapier activities unless more specific rules are provided here. Tournaments will default to the rules of the hosting kingdom.
  • Any combatant using the body of the rules vs. the spirit of the rules will be grounds for marshalate action.
  • See Chain of Command and Appeal section for further information.

War Points for Rapier

  • Open Field Melee: Any fencer who steps out of bounds with one foot will be considered dead; to cause an enemy to retreat out of bounds is considered a valid tactic. NFL rules- touching the line will remove that fencer from play. Knee walking will be allowed only for those wounded below the knee in the field battle. The open field melee will be fought best 2 out of 3, last combatant standing.
  • Rapier Champions List: Ansteorra and Trimaris will each provide 15 fighters each as a mix of MoD, White Scarves or equivalent; non-Scarves; and allies in a 5/5/5 ratio. There will be 15 fights (Weapons to be agreed upon between the fighters). Whichever Kingdom wins majority of these fights will secure the war point.
  • Ravine Battle: 60 minute Resurrection Battle with the object being to maintain control over flag emplacements throughout the battle. The field will be divided long ways, with one resurrection point in each corner of the field- two per side, four total. three flagpoles will be placed on the center line of the field. Three flagpoles will have actual flags on a rope representing the armies of Ansteorra and her allies, and Trimaris and her allies. While controlling a flag emplacement, an army must detail one fighter to keep their flag raised. Flags may not be tied, counterweighted or otherwise secured in place and must be held by hand. Any fencer who steps out of bounds with one foot will be considered dead; to cause an enemy to retreat out of bounds is considered a valid tactic. NFL rules- touching the line will remove that fencer from play. At regular intervals throughout the battle (every 5 minutes), the raised flags will be documented by a tally sheet. A bell will be rung as each score is taken. As the score is recorded it will be written on a large chart visible from the field. Sides may send a runner to check that chart anytime they wish. the winner of the battle will be the side who held the most tallies.
  • Town Battle The scenario will be a rescue/capture scenario. Each Team will start at a designated starting point deep into the fort on the South End. One of the three buildings along the center will have a chest inside of it. Before each scenario, the marshals will designate one of the three chests as the target for capture (By placing a piece of red paper, etc.). The marking should be placed in such a manner as to prevent identification by participants until they are able to manipulate the chest. Neither Fighters nor chest may cross walls at any time during the battle. One side wins the point (best of 5) by using 2 persons to transport the correct chest out the Front(North) Gate. If there is only 1 person alive, that person may use both hands to secure the Chest.

Target Archery

The royal round and the standard IKAC are both widespread and familiar to all Kingdoms. The royal round, which consists of six arrows at 20 yards, six at 30 yards, and six at 40 yards with a 30 second speed round at 20 yards, will remain the official Gulf Wars competition. Official IKAC’s which consist of two static rounds of six arrows each and two 30 second speed rounds at each of the same three distances will be offered, but not as part of the War Point competition. Targets for both of these activities are the 60 cm concentric circle targets used in Olympic competition.

Bow and Arrow Requirements Target Archery
Longbows, recurves, and crossbows that meet Society Conventions are allowed. Bows may be of any weight desired, however those which the marshal feels cause concern for safety or are of a destructive nature will be disallowed. No sights are allowed on longbows or recurves. Crossbows are allowed single fixed sights.

For the War Point, all shooting will be done from the standing position for both bow and crossbow. Disabled archers will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

War points for Target Archery

Each day of War the archer range is sponsored by different kingdoms groups or persons. They choose the challenge of the day, and award points on those challenges.

Archery Events

Some of these events are held every year, some are not, check the war schedule!

  • The Grand Exhibition Tourney
  • Court Barons/Baroness’ Tournament

Artisan events

Notable Places

Notable People

History of the War

Gulf Wars Artisans

Happenings by Year

Important Notes

2019 Important News and Updates

  • Parents!!! Be advised if you have children 17 and under they MUST be escorted after midnight. This is the Law in Mississippi.
  • Gulf Wars SCA app is Live!!! Currently is available on Google Play. We are still waiting for Apple to make it live. I will update when we know.
  • Pre-registration: In consideration of those members of the populace affected by “snowmageddon” and/or the recent government shutdown, we have extended the discounted price for ONLINE pre-registration to Feb 22.
  • Site Access: Please continue to access the site by driving around the golf course and around the lake. Please do not come to site by taking a left and driving through the Hillsdale neighborhood and coming across the earthen dam.
  • Traffic: Traffic on King’s and Queen’s highways (the two main camp roads) is reversing to accommodate the gate changes. Traffic will move from the front gate to 5 points to the back gate, essentially the reverse of what it has been in years past.
  • No Parking: There will be no parking allowed on King’s or Queen’s Highway. These are the two main roads through camp. You may pull into your camp to load/unload or park on a side street. Loading/unloading is limited to 3 hours.
  • Parking on one-way streets: Most of the roads on KAR are one-way. Parking for loading/unloading is limited to 3 hours and is only allowed on the right side of the road.
  • Dept. of Traffic Enforcement: This department will be closely monitoring the “No Parking” on King’s and Queen’s as well as the parking on one-way roads, which will only be allowed on the right side of the road. A local tow company will be readily available for our towing needs.
  • Site Books / War Schedules: We are printing a very limited supply. It is first come/first served. If you aren’t going to be there until later, I’d suggest getting someone to pick you up one if you need one. The site book and schedule will be available for download on this site for free.


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