Event Review - Gulf Wars 2008 - by Ian Dun Gillan

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Reposted with permission from the Northkeep email list.

Greetings All,

Having mostly recovered from my war wounds, and not yet having seen much said about it, I wanted to tell you all about a great honor that was given to the Northern Regional Forces at Gulf War. For the first time that I can remember the King's Battle Ribbon was awarded to the Northern Regional Army. Many times has the banner been given to Northkeep or Mooneschadowe or these two groups have shared the honor, but we all know that for some time none of these groups has won that honor with out the support and companionship of all the north upon the field. Our Mighty King in his wisdom has seen the truth of it and given this honor not to one group but to all of us in the North who took the field at Gulf War.

Earl Daffydd, Countess Octavia, Sir Owen, Sir Jean Paul, Sir Asoph, HE Brom, HE Duncan, HE Ainar, HE Michael, Centurion Angus McKnockard, Centurion Angus Gunn, Centurion Ulf, Centurion Evan, Centurion Morgan, Centurion Damon, Rikr, Hamish, Facon, Fezik, Don Timothy, Dona Therese, Ludo, Nick, Christian, Dugal, Mogur, Thorvald, the allied nations of Wolfstar, Thunder, and The Great Dark Horde and so many others. All of these men and women of the North are the names and faces that I will remember as heroes of battle and champions of great honor when I look upon the King's Battle Ribbon.

If you could have just been there and seen it, how hard fought, and well won the battles were. If you could have been there in the lines of battle upon the field or on the sidelines cheering us on and seen the Northern forces time and again hold the line, or advance the tide of battle. Honor flowed like blood in our veins, Glory was the air we breathed, and Chivalry was the very shield that protected us. It was in the bridge battle where his Majesty Aaron stood with the North that our forces were at their best. All I can say is that ever time the North took to the field of battle it was truly glorious.