How Mooneschadowe Goes to War

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New today: --Elsa (talk) 21:26, 1 March 2013 (PST)

War Advice Checklists

Free-Form War Advice

Elyssa, Seneschal Free-Form Top 50 (GW XXII)
1. Elyssa Can all the officers please get reports to me ASAP. I know most of us, including me, are preoccupied with getting ready for Gulf Wars. Please take a few minutes to write a report, send it to your regional and cc a copy to me. I want to get my report in before I leave for GW.
2. Elyssa If you are camping with Mooneschadowe please give your tent footprint dimensions to Ludo.
3. Elyssa If you are eating in the camp kitchen please let Elsa know.
4. Elyssa If you still don't know how you are going to get to Mississippi please speak up, we cannot help you if you don't ask.
5. Elyssa If you need garb Caterina will have loaner garb and a sign out sheet at Populace.
6. Elyssa Speaking of Populace EVERYONE needs to be there. I will be swearing in the guard.
7. Elyssa If you don't have a LDG tabard and are fighting with the LDG contact Vogna she has offered to make a few for sale/loan.
8. Elyssa If you are not going to war and have a LDG tabbard that you can loan please bring it to populace if you don't mind lending it out. If you mind lending it out please let someone wear it even if it is just for swearing in. Oh yeah, someone needs to bring a camera for pictures.
9. Elyssa Speaking of pictures, when do we want to have the group camp picture. I think we traditionally have it on Thursday but I am often wrong.
10. Elyssa Gulf Wars is fun, please have fun. That is an order. You WILL have fun.
11. Elyssa Gulf War Pity Party is on Tuesday at Mazzio's It is a pity you will not be having as much fun as us but think of us and we will think of you. You WILL have fun there too.
12. Elyssa Check everything. Especially things you cannot get at WallyWorld. There are some packing lists floating around out there. Elsa???
13. Elyssa Did I mention have fun?
14. Elyssa I will bring all the orange vine (extension cords) my garage has. I think two people have offered to bring splitters. Is someone bringing shovels, post hole diggers? Ludo??? Also, Ludo we have a really cool land measure wheely type of thing to mark out tent space.
15. Elyssa I can make root beer and other types of soda in camp. Is anyone interested in this? And if so what kind if you are interested in?
16. Elyssa Have fun.
17. Elyssa Please feel free to continue to add to this list. Because I know we can go way past 50 items.
18. Elyssa Thank you to everyone who showed up at officers. There was a fantastic turn out and we got a lot accomplished.
19. Elsa Namron link (above)
20. Elsa Meet new people. The camps near ours will have really awesome people!
21. Elsa Volunteer lots. There are all kinds of places that want your help, and they're all fun in different ways.
22. Elyssa oh oh can't forget SHOPPING! Bring a little extra for shopping at the coolest mall in the world.
23. Vogna Bring more blankets than you think you'll need. It will be colder than you expect!
24. Elsa Bring wet wipes to wash your hands/feet/face (not in that order) for sleeping - War is dusty!
25. Elyssa Drink lots of water. On and off the field. Dehydration is awful ( I know, silly me.) When some one offers you a drink of water take it.
26. Elsa Wear shoes that stay on your feet. Flip flops are awful - both for the amount of walking you'll be doing, and for all the rocks and spikey viney weeds you'll step on/snag. Strappy sandals are great, and boots are awesome.