Gulf War Gates

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Ansteorra Gulf War Gates

This structure, a combination of two-story crenelated towers and movable timber & iron doors, anchor the Ansteorran presence at Gulf War.

Initial Construction

The towers were designed by Master Fredrich der Rothirsh, and he led the construction efforts over the years of 2002-2003. The light gray sections are a wood facing. The stone-like sections are a metal sheeting on a plywood under-structure, screwed to a 2x4 frame work. The towers are bolted to a base, and the doors bolted to a 4" square frame. The base of the frame is steel, anchored in concrete. The towers were built on site, while the doors and its frame were built in Kingdom. (Construction details provided by Vincenti da Murano and Frederick von Dresen)

In the final year of construction, individuals and groups could purchase a personalized Black Star to be incorporated into the gate doors.



Fundraising efforts began in 2002, with regional coordinators assisting the efforts. These gentles included Michelle Chantal de Charente in the North, Erasmus in the West, Serafina in the South, Gerita in the Central, and Godwin for Coastal. The Kingdom Coordinator was Daniel. (See More on October 2002 Ansteorra Email List) Households and individuals and regional groups held fundraisers. A notable contribution was made by the Amazons.

July 2002: At the Coronation of Patrick V & Julia V, Mistress Hillary Greenslade organizes a fundraising silent auction. This effort raises $1,188. (See post on July 2002 Ansteorra Email List )

2012 Refurbishment

By 2011, exposure to the elements (including Hurricane Katrina) caused the gates to be in real danger of collapse. Water seeping in through the roof, combined with heat and high humidity, had rotted the interior timbers with black mold.

A year-long fundraising event was kicked off, and the populace donated a combined $x,xxx dollars. For those that donated, a pewter token of the gates was given out. (The design of the token was created by Master Finnacan Dub.)

In December 2012, a crew of ten stalwart Ansteorrans spent a 3-day weekend disassembling the towers, rebuilding the internal structure, and improving the waterproofing capabilities of the roof.

Future Plans