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By Baroness Montega Blackdragon, reprinted from her Facebook page with permission.

Is it your first war or do you just want to see a few tips? The main thing about Gulf War is to pack for every kind of weather and it usually rains at least one time. Here ya go!

  • Mundane Clothes and Garb - Put your “going home” clothes in a plastic bag with a dryer sheet. You will appreciate that at the end of war. It keeps the camp smell out and you will feel cleaner going home.
  • Socks and underwear and a plastic bag for dirties. Bring lots of socks for a wet war. Dry feet are crucial.
  • Umbrella one for rain and one for sun. *You must – must- must have a sunbrella. It is sunny and a parasol is fantastic. If you don’t have one they always sell them at merchant row from 8 -10 bucks.
  • Shoes (mundane and period) There is LOTS of walking at war. Sometimes a different shoe can refresh tired feet. Lots of walking. Did I mention LOTS of walking?
  • Mugs - One regular, one small - If you don’t have a small shot glass style “tasting mug” get one at merchant row. You will be offered lots of “drinks” being able to taste and toss is good.
  • Girls bring your personals (even if you aren’t expecting Mother Nature to visit. You never know)
  • Bra’s – Bring several. No one want’s to be around that “smells like peanut butter, War Bra”
  • Boys – Bring Condoms and deodorant. Seriously. Because you won’t need one unless you have the other. ;)
  • Lanterns- Bring battery style and period style if you like. A must have are the solar powered garden lights. Bring one or two to put in the tent at the end of the day so that when you come back late, you don’t have to fish around to find light to light the real lantern. We also put these around each tent stake for safety at night. Nothing sucks more than to trip on a tent stake.
  • Saving the soaps, shampoos and conditioners from hotel stays helps save packing room and isn’t a big deal if you leave it behind in the bathroom. Otherwise visit the sample isle at the supermarket.
  • Scrubbie brush – It helps to have clean feet and hands. A scrub brush from a manicure kit is perfect. After only three days at war you will feel like you need to visit a German spa and be scrubbed clean with a wire brush by a lady named Helga. This brush really helps get the war dirt out of finger and toe nails.
  • Towels and wash cloth- Bring at least three. Keep one in your plastic bag for the last going home shower. Don’t forget to hang your towel after each shower so it will dry. Moldy smelly peoples are icky.
  • Belts, pouches, baskets – You will have stuff to carry. You need something to carry it in. Bring an empty basket so that you have something to take stuff home in later. Shopping is huge here and if you plan to do a lot, don’t forget to leave room to take the goods home in. We bring an empty tote when we know we are shopping a lot.
  • Hair pins, ties, brushes, and snoods etc. – Plan each day with a mental note of what you are wearing head to toe. Bring all the accessories for each outfit.
  • Jewelry, coronets – Bring your bling girls, this is a great time to be fancy. (If you aren’t a blingy type that is fine, but bring your best garb.)
  • Camp Heater – This is a must but also be careful about carbon Monoxide. I recommend Mr. Heater. It comes in two sizes and can have an adapter to use a large propane tank. Bring propane for cooking and heat.
  • ****Carbon Monoxide Detector – This is a small item that looks just like a smoke detector. It’s not expensive. Get it and use it if you are using propane and such in the tent. Dead friends aren’t much fun.
  • Tent – A period tent is THE best investment we ever made in the SCA. If you know you are going to be a “lifer” in the SCA this is a must. I recommend Panther, they have a layaway plan. If you have a mundane tent, bring an extra tarp for rain. Nothing sucks more than a wet tent and went things. Keep things away from the walls in a mundane tent, it helps it leak. You must – must - must bring an extra tarp. Rain flies do NOT work. Bring extra tent stakes in case some break. Bring extra rope as well.
  • Shovel – You may need to remove a root or two to help get a flat spot. You will also need to “trench” your tent. This will keep rain from getting in. this is a pain in the ass but totally worth it. Girls going alone, if you don’t know how to do this, find me, I will show you.
  • Bed – If you must use an air mattress bring a wool blanket to put under your sheet. The air in the mattress is about like sleeping on a water bed with no heater. It will suck the heat right out of your body. That wool will help stop that. (cover the wool with a sheet if you have a wool allergy)I use a futon mattress and a Hollywood bed frame with wooden slats. Works perfect, travels well. Take lots of covers and don’t forget your cloak works as a blanket too. Tip, cover your pillows before you leave for the night. Dew makes them feel wet.
  • Battery operated air pump for your mattress. It will leak during war and you will need to refill it.
  • Hangers – bring hangers to hang your cloths. If you don’t have a way to hang them just leave them in the tote. (Another reason to have a period tent is that you can have a shelf with a place to hang clothes.)
  • Febreeze – Don’t be stinky. Just don’t. It’s icky and makes you look like a weirdo. If your clothes start funking it up, use the Febreeze. Fighters, this means you. It is also refreshing to Febreeze your sheets and tent.
  • Phones and chargers – bring a charger for your phone. Don’t forget.
  • Pee bucket – Yes it’s a dirty topic but someone has to talk about it. You need a pee bucket. No joke. It is 9 kinds of suck to come in after a night of drinking, get in bed, only to wake up two hours later needing to pee so bad your eyeballs are going to float off into the night. 32 degrees outside and raining. You don’t need that trip to the porta john if you have a pee bucket. A 5 gallon bucket, trash bag and kitty litter. Use the bucket, then take the bag out and tie it up. The litter soaks up the pee. DO NOT crap in the pee bucket. It’s gross. This is just a “Holy balls I gotta pee so bad and don’t want to freeze” tactic. It’s just for emergency situations. Don’t make it a tent toilet.
  • Trashcan – It’s a must, we are trash producing peoples. They have portable ones. Bring lots of trash bags.
  • Safety pins and sewing kits, duct tape – You can McGuiver your way out of most things with these items.
  • Powder – Walking… lots and lots of walking. Chaffing can happen and sucks when it does. Lots and lots of walking. Did I mention lots of walking?!?!
  • Bring your normal toiletries. Brush your teeth, people. Do your very best to be a clean person. Just because you are in the woods and on vacation doesn’t mean you should go around funking up the war!
  • Loofa – Even if you are a wash cloth user, a loofa will help make you feel super clean. After three days at war you will be glad you have this.
  • Paper plates – You won’t need regular feast gear unless you are going full on period and such. It is very easy to be able to toss stuff in the trash. You have classes and fighting to get to. So, disposable things are good.
  • Paper towels – Another must. Good for lots of things.
  • Zip Lock Baggies – So many reasons you will need these. Just bring it.
  • Lint Roller – A MUST. Especially if you are a pet person.
  • Lighter – You need this even if you don’t smoke. You need a source of fire making for lighting lanterns, making fires, etc.
  • First Aid Kit – Because Tega’s are clumsy.
  • Tent broom – Things get grimy, clean it up.
  • Tent Mats – They make plastic mats that look like period style rugs. In Tulsa you can get them at NamHi the asian market for about 20 bucks. Totally worth it. You will appreciate this lots. Good for in and outside of the tent.
  • Registration receipt for Gulf War. Our troll folks are awesome. Just in case there is some kind of snafu bring your registration paper.
  • YOU MUST HAVE YOUR ID! Not just for trolling in but to get in to the cool parties too.
  • Camera/phone camera – You will want to take pics. (After several years the pics all look the same. Lol)
  • Batteries – Your battery operated lantern will not last the week. Bring fresh batteries for it.
  • Food- bring all the things to make your food or the money to buy it all week. Bring dish soap and a way to clean up after yourself. Don’t let your camp spot get icky.
  • Vitamins, meds – Don’t forget these. Fighters bring anti-cramp stuff such as potassium (check w your doc first if you have issues)
  • Sunscreen – It can get pretty warm and sunny at War.
  • Dryer sheets- To help keep the tent smelling nice. Fighters should put these in armor boxes. Speaking of that, make sure you fighters hang your fight clothes to dry, leather armor too. It’s stinky nasty if you just keep it wet. Trust me when I tell you fighters are sexier when they stay clean.
  • Baby wipes – These are handy if you are in a hurry and need to freshen up.
  • Hand sanitizer and sanitizer wipes – Because porta-potties after Ansteorran chili night are scary.
  • Nail clippers, tweezers – multi use.
  • Cloak and warm hat.
  • Camp chairs are a must. Put your name on it.
  • Get cash before you get to site. The ATM fees on site are stupid high.

So there you have it. Some must have things for Gulf war. I’m sure there are lots of other great ideas out there. Have a great war and if you have questions, let me know!