4th Vindheim Coronet

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3rd Coronet

Coronet: skeggi Berbeinn Sebbason ins Sterka and Emmelina de Medeland
Coronet Tournament & Elevation: June 17, 2023 at Vindheim 4th Coronet Tourney
Stepped Down: December 09, 2023 at Vindheim 5th Coronet Tourney
Predecessors: Micauley Morison and Caterina Giovanni
Heirs: Romanius Vindheimus Vesperianus and Deanna della Penna

Reign Overview

Royal Whims or Declarations

Staff Members



Special Recognitions

Bastion: Her Grace, Gilyan Alienora of Clonmacnoise - named at BAM.


The Words of the Coronet

July Whispers on the Wind

Greetings To The Glorious Populace of Vindheim!

Last weekend was a whirlwind. Thank you to everyone that worked diligently to make coronet tourney a success. We would like to thank Viscount Micauley and Viscountess Caterina for their successful reign. We are so excited to serve the populace as your newest Prince and Princess and for what the next six months hold. Our first event as Prince and Princess will be King’s College which will be held in the barony of Wiesenfeuer on July 8th. We encourage everyone to consider attending this kingdom event being held in our principality. It will have more than 60 classes that will touch on all aspects of the SCA. We will soon have our full progress updated on the Kingdom and Vindheim calendars. We will be attending Pennsic for war week and are excited to see many of you there.

We would like to continue a practice started by our honored ancestors Jean Paul I & Gilyan I. As it is looking to be another scorching season, it is the perfect time to work on indoor projects as you plan for for Pennsic, War of the Rams (aka BAM aka Fred), or Gulf Wars! We would like to propose a Principality wide work week of July 23. On one day that week, we encourage the populace to gather as a group of friends, for your local A&S, or work on a personal project to highlight your love and pride for our principality with the Vindheim colors and populace badges. Think of how you want to represent Vindheim on the field at one of the coming wars.

We are working our way through the current award recommendations. Please keep them coming in! As we work through the award recommendations already submitted, we encourage you to continue to submit suggestions for citizens that bring glory to Vindheim. If you see someone doing something that you believe should be recognized, let us know! We rely on our populace to tell us of worthy deeds through our online form.

Skeggi & Emmelina
Prince and Princess of Vindheim

July 9, 2023

What an amazing event we had at King’s College. Thank you to the Barony of Wiesenfeuer for hosting and all of your illustrious populace members for their hard work to make the day so successful. Special thanks to Mistress Bea for her event stewarding. We enjoyed taking many wonderful classes, especially getting to stab meat! Thank you to everyone who taught.
One of our favorite things was getting to recognize some amazing Vindhomies for their awesome work in our principality. Congratulations to the newest recipients of the Brazier of Vindheim, Lady Isabeau Wynter and Master Orlando Giovanni and congratulations to our newest recipients of the Pillar of Vindheim, Chu Fu Hu Zhen and Lady Muirenn Nia Ingen Nathi. You make our principality better and stronger through your diligent service.
There are so many that put work into making King’s College a successful event and we know we can’t name them all, but we thank you. If you saw someone doing something amazing at King’s College or any of our events, please let us know through our awards recommendations.
Their Sanguine Highnesses,
Skeggi & Emmelina
Prince & Princess of Vindheim

October Whispers on the Wind

Greetings To The Glorious Populace of Vindheim!
Our heavy eventing season is upon us. We look forward to seeing you at many Vindheim events, like Namron Protectorate, Wyldewode Northern Border Skirmishes, and Eldern HIlls Samhain, as well as Coronation. We are preparing for war! We need you to join us at Bordermarch War of the Rams. There will be classes, fighting, and fun! We look forward to seeing great deeds on and off the field.

Thank you to everyone that has been sending in largesse for Vindheim. We have received amazing things and have enjoyed passing it out to the populace. We appreciate the artistry and creativity that has been shown. Some of our favorite largesse have been useful as well as decorative. We also greatly appreciate all the mugs that have been donated to welcome our newcomers to the dream.

We end our missive with the same request. Recommendations! We need them! Please submit suggestions for your fellow populace members that are doing good things! We need you as our eyes and ears. We encourage each of you to turn in at least one award recommendation in the month of October.
Skeggi & Emmelina
Prince and Princess of Vindheim

The Words of the Populace

Reign Notes


Tokens and Gifts

Royal Preferences

Preference His Serene Highness Her Serene Highness
Allergies/Dislikes: Red Onions
Food Preferences: Meat, Baked Goods, Cheese, Veggies (especially broccoli) Fruit, Beef Jerky, Smoked Meats, Cheese, Baked Goods, Sugar Free Candy
Beverage Preferences: Dr. Pepper Zero, Red Bull Sugar Free, Electrolit Diet Dr. Pepper, Fresca, Ghost Zero Sugar Energy
Other: Butterflies & Cats

Total Number of Awards Given

Totals of all Vindheim awards - as of 01-25-2024

Name Number
Bastion 1
Brazier 5
Dove 1
Fountain 2
Golden Comb 0
Key of Keys 11
Key 33
Pillar 7
Sanguine Bowl 2
Sanguine Horse 10
Sinople Horse 3
Tenne Horse 5
Thunderbolt 3


Reign Photos & Media