10th Crown

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9th_Crown Inman MacMoore and Arrowyn of Emerald Moor 11th_Crown

Crown Info:

*King: Inman II (Inman MacMoore) (OP)

*Queen: Arrowyn II (Arrowyn of Emerald Moor) (OP)

*Crown Tourney:

*Coronation: March 3, 1984

*Stepped Down: September 8, 1984

*Predecessors: Simon of Amber Isle and Theressa of the Gardens

*Heirs: Jonathon de Laufyson and Willow de Wisp

*Crowns of Ansteorra


An overview of their reign.

Lion: Willow de Wisp (OP)

Queen's Champion: Luigi di Donate (OP)

Kingdom Warlord: Riccardo di Pisa (OP)

King's Gauntlet

  • Seamus of the Cats (OP)
  • Valerius Fidelis Camerinus (OP)

Queen's Glove

  • Karlanna of Applecross Woods (OP)
  • Mary of Barryngton Wood (OP)


Sieglinde Syr (OP) 1984-03-04 Laurel
Eldric de Charbonneau (OP) 1984-06-30 Laurel

Words of the Crown

September XIX Black Star

Unto the people of these lands of Ansteorra. The time has come for the Crown to pass from Our hands and the new Crown to take the reign of Our beloved Kingdom. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the dedicated people of this Kingdom for your unwavering support and We know that you will give Our Heirs the same support in the never ending quest to keep Ansteorra the shining example She is. We have been pleased and deeply honored to serve Ansteorra as her King and Queen and now as We set down the Crown, We know that the Kingdom will continue to grow and prosper. We look forward to enjoying with you the Ansteorran nights and in fighting by your side to defend Her by day. As We leave the Throne, We wish you all fruitful days, a bright moon and a full horn.
In service to the Kingdom and Her People,
Inman, Rex Ansteorra
Arrowyn, Regina Ansteorra