Vitalis Gabrielle Venier della Mare

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Northern Border Skirmishes, Occtober 22, 2022
Photo by Úallach inghean Uí Dhubhshláine
Registered Name: Vitalis Gabrielle Venier della Mare
Resides: Northkeep
Status: Active
Joined SCA: 2022
Order of Precedence
Vitalis Gabrielle Venier della Mare


Misier Vitalis Gabrielle Venier della Mare

Previously Known As:Vitalis d’Mare
Pronouns: He/Him

Pronunciation Guide: mee-SOOR VEE-taw-lee da-MAR-eh

Other Registered Heraldry


  • Local Offices Held
    • Sable Tower Pursuivant - Herald of the Barony of Northkeep
  • Regional Offices held
  • Kingdom Offices Held

Persona History:

Vitalis claims he was born in mid-16th century La Sernissima, of noble birth; his family name registered in the Libro d’Oro. These claims have not been substantiated. Most recently he has been seen wandering the known world complaining of exile, false imprisonment, shipwreck, and the abject poverty associated thereof.


  • Period music- especially of western europe in the late 16th and early 17th centuries
  • Lute, and other associated stringed instruments

Vitalis at the TulCon Demo, 2022

Timeline of Activity:


  • Joined the SCA
  • Wiesenfeuer "Brronial" 2022
  • Tolkon Demo 2022
  • The Fellowship of Castellan 2022 – May 21, Will Rogers Boy Scout Camp: Bedraggled, impoverished, bereft of title or status, Vitalis threw himself upon the mercy of the populace. With a measure of most extreme grace and generosity, the virtuous and righteous Don Facon du Pray granted Vitais a chair and a place in the shade to pursue his musical art. Starving, penniless, short on options, Vitalis begged upon the mercy of the kitchen for a scrap of food. Food they had, though only for those with coin in hand, or hands to serve. Outraged, Vitalis left, searching for a source of sustenance that did not require tiresome manual labor. Yet… there are unsubstantiated rumors of a Serenissian gentleman, dressed in a blue shirt with white cuffs of lace, serving food with a graceful smile to attendees of more fortunate means. The identity of this individual cannot be confirmed.
  • Fall Crown Tournament, September 10, Will Rogers Boy Scout Camp: Though no longer friendless, Vitalis was still penniless. The wayward lutenist played for his keep among esteemed personages of Northkeep, sheltering in their tent and filling their ears with music. Recognized at last by the nobility of the land, owing no small debt to his love, the newly recognized Lady Milokhna, Vitalis was granted an award of arms. Thusly titled, Missier Vitalis graciously, perhaps even obsequiously thanked the noble personages who bestowed upon him some measure of security and stature.
  • Northern Border Skirmish: October 21, at Burnt Cabin, Lake Tenkiller, Tahlequah OK: Here it may be marked, for weal or woe, that Misier Vitalis first entered a bardic competition. The theme was “Tears, of joy or sorrow,” and so he played upon his lute the tune Canaries and I long for Thy Virginitie from the Straloch Lute Book, seeking to pull on listener's heart strings with tales of love from the Isles. He was given a place in the final round, where Vitalis presented the tune Il Bianco Fiore by Cesare Negri, a Milanese dance tune from the early 16th century. The title of Skald was to be another's that day, the honor bestowed to one Grimbjorn Sigmundson for his skill with lyre, drum, and tale. It has been rumored that the Misier was seen among the serving folk at feast, bereft of coin and working for his supper. This is denied fervently by the gentleman in question, saying he would "Never risk his beautiful fingers lifting dangerous crockery" and "Cannot be expected to tolerate the infernal heat of a kitchen for even an instant." This contradicts reports of an italian fellow serving and entertaining the assembled nobles with nonsense yarns of cruelly hunted "beasts."


  • And Now for a Beltane Completely Different! April 29th - Camp Dakani: Missier Vitalis performed in the bardic competition. The pieces selected were Kemp’s Jig an English folk tune of uncertain providence, and Curent out of the Rowallen Lute Book. There was no final round, for the bards came in the hordes to Beltane that weekend, and thus was the day full of music.
  • Castellan XXXIII: The Two Towers - May 19th to 21st - Will Rogers Boy Scout Reservation: Misier Vitalis, sworn to a secret pledge of bards and artisans, sought to claim the title of Castellan. At the bardic event, Misier Vitalis played "I never knew I loved Thee", unknown composer, from the Rowallen Lute book, and “Preludium #98” by John Dowland, from Diana Pulton's Collected Lute Music of John Dowland. This offering was enough to qualify him for the final round of that competition. Misier Vitalis entered the A&S competition with a performance of Joan Ambrosio Dalza’s “Tastar de corde col suo ricercar, #4” published in 1508. Drunk upon vainglory, Vitalis proceeded to fling sharp objects at unsuspecting orcs. Two such creatures perished, victims of the pursuit of Castellan. In the Bardic Finals, the competitors were tasked with performing a piece that signified the light among darkness of the Two Towers. Promptly, Misier Vitalis dashed into the woods. Upon his return he played a rendition of Bregolad’s Song, a lament of the ents set in the form of a baroque passacaglia in G minor. Their excellences were much pleased by this offering, and Misier Vitalis was selected as the titled Bard of Northkeep.
  • Vindheim Coronet 2023 - June, 17th - Payne County Fairgrounds: Misier Vitalis was seen playing upon the lute with direction from Her Excellency, Mistress Rhiannon Redwulf, OL among many other merry musicians. The company played out of Pennsic Pile 50. The Misier was even overheard humming the melody of a piece named "Uskudar". Quite against any reasonable standard of propriety, Vitalis could not be separated from his instrument during the finals of the coronet tournament, and he attempted to score the battle with Dramatic Lute Arpeggios. The Misier was said to be unrepentant of the faux pas, complaining that the clatter of their clash quite nearly drowned out the music.
  • For Ansteorra's 2023 Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition - September 9th, Vitalis performed a suite of music by Joan Ambrosio Dalza, an Italian composer from the early 16th century. See his performance on YouTube.
  • Wiesenfeuer Yule, Weasels in Winter - December 16th, 2023 - Presented “Brawling in Paris” for the A&S competition. Vitalis said he prepared these pieces special in order to embrace the spirit of the famous weasel war dance. Also performed with Milokhna d'riga in the Bardic. The couple performed "Now O' Now I Needs Must Part" by John Dowland, and "Come Back to Me (Eurydice)", a filk I wrote of “Wake Up” by Coheed and Cambria. Mistress Rhiannon Redwulf captured the performances on video. "Now O' Now I Needs Must Part" and "Come Back to Me (Eurydice)"


  • Laurel's Prize Tourney - February 10th, 2024 - Prepared and presented my body of work, including 11 recorded lute performances, available here on my YouTube Channel. These include pieces from throughout the 16th century, and Europe: Joan Ambrosio Dalza (Italy, 1510s), Adrien le Roy France (1560s), John Dowland (1590s) and a few other composers. Details and facsimiles are included in the playlist. Misier Vitalis was also seen perched on the edge of the stage, having identified a high point in the venue as an excellent opportunity to perform music for the courts of the assembled nobility. Concerned parties may rest assured, permission was sought and obtained by the lovely Milohkna.

Prior Groups

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Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:

  • Bardic Champion, Barony of Northkeep, May 2023
  • Titled Artisan, Barony of Namron, October 2023

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In Case of Court

No special considerations required. If he begins to develop a case of unnecessary, bloviating frivolity, it may be advisable to forcefully escort the individual out of the presence of the court.

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