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Clan Blue Feather represents the SCA's LGBTQIA+ community, and all gender and sexual minorities are welcome here. Membership to this group is open to all LGBTQIA+ members of the SCA and their friends.

It is a research and social group of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). It was originally formed to encourage and facilitate research on homosexuality in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and teach other members of the Society about LGBTQIA+ issues in the Current Middle Ages.

Over time Clan Blue Feather has grown and expanded our focus to cover all aspects of sexual or gender associated minority expression in research and education of their place in period as well as advocacy for their concerns and those of our straight allies in the SCA.

It also exists as a social organization to facilitate interaction among the members of the Society, especially those who are members of a sexual or gender linked minority (i.e., lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning, asexual, aromantic, non-binary or *fluid, etc.); and our allies. Members of the Clan attend many SCA events around the world.

It represents the SCA's LGBTQIAA+ community, and all gender and sexual minorities are welcome.

The Clan has had a dedicated encampment at Pennsic for over 30 years.

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Origins of the Name:

A Clan meeting on the battlefield at Pennsic 18, August 1989 (A.S. XXIV) to decide on a name/ symbol for the clan yielded many suggestions including a Blue Feather, but nothing was agreed on at that meeting. It was the following year, at Pennsic 19, August 1990 (A.S. XXV) after another fruitless meeting that D'ner of House Alexander started using the Blue Feather. At the second meeting at that Pennsic, the name and symbol was "officially" voted on and accepted as a symbol and referent for the gay/lesbian/bisexual members of the Society.

The badge ("Argent, a feather azure") was registered by Lord Laurel in 1990 to Moses von dem Falken for Clan Blue Feather and he has given permission for anyone to use the device in good faith.

(NOTE: Although the rumor persists that a blue feather was used by women in Renaissance Venice to denote their preference for other women, this has never been able to be documented and so therefore remains just a rumor.)


The group began when an advertisement appeared in the June A.S. XXIV issue of Pikestaff, the newsletter of the Eastrealm, calling for interested people to contact Seosamh O Choda. Seosamh began publishing "... But Its Period!" in July, and the name was chosen at Pennsic 18, August 1989 (A.S. XXIV).

Since then a second newsletter, "The Bluefeather" (now defunct, as is "... But It's Period!") was produced by Tristan Alexander. The Blue Feather Ball began at Pennsic in 1991, and a Blue Feather encampment began at Pennsic in 1992 both of which went a long way towards increasing the Clan's visibility and Membership. Several Blue Feather events and commons (relaxed gatherings at members' homes) continue throughout the Society.

Organization of the Clan:

Unlike some SCA groups, Clan Blue Feather has no official leader, or group of leaders. Group activities are organized by consensus or by an interested person. Particular events and gatherings may have certain people in charge, but this is only in the context of that event. There is no official "leader of Clan Blue Feather."

Our members are united solely by a common interest, and not necessarily a common sexual orientation. They include:

  • Those with an interest in homosexuality in the Middle Ages
  • Those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender (GLBT)
  • Family, friends and supporters of the above
  • Those who simply want to meet, camp with, or otherwise socialize with other members