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Will Rogers Scout Reservation is actively being used by the Principality of Vindheim and Kingdom of Ansteorra.


Will Rogers Scout Reservation is located in Cleveland, Oklahoma. 362369 East Highway 64, Cleveland, OK 74020 (911 Address)

Local SCA Group

Mooneschadowe: Contact [seneschal@mooneschadowe.ansteorra.org]

Site Ownership

Cimmeron Council, Boy Scouts of America: https://www.cimarronbsa.org/council-properties.html

Site Rules/Requirements

Summary of Amenities

Site Features (yes/No + Description)
Restrooms? yes
Showers? yes
Kitchen? yes
Air Conditioning/Climate Control?
Covered Pavilion/s?
Tent Camping?
Pool? Yes



The site kitchen is located in the Main Hall. It is an industrial kitchen with two ovens and two ice machines. Fully furnished with cook top and oven ware (pots, pans, bread pans, hotel pans). Stand mixer available. There is a walk in cooler and a walk in freezer. There's a dish machine with a somewhat unreliable disposal. The dish washer is Ecolab serviced if you wish to bring your own chemicals.


  • Cook's Cabin
  • Health Lodge (First Aid Cabin)
  • Administration Building sometimes but not always available


The brainchild of Centurion Thorvald Egilsson, the initial fort was built in (Date needed). A significant rebuild was completed in 2018.

The fort is located off of the main (dirt) road, and requires a higher level of mobility to access.

Non-Structure Areas


Accessibility at Will Rogers (yes/No + Description)
Accessible Parking Yes
Accommodating Door Widths In Some areas
Accessible/Roll In Restrooms yes
Gender Neutral Restrooms yes
Accessible/Roll In Showers yes
Electricity at Campsites
Multi-Story Buildings No
Paved Pathways Yes
Service Animals Permitted
Pets Permitted
Emotional Support Animals Permitted
Ramp Access to Main Building N/A - Main building (front) entry points has no stairs, however exiting from the back of the building there are steps, and a swampy spot that can be mobility challenging.
RV Parking
Temperature Controlled Areas The cabins have air conditioning, but are generally reserved for Royalty and Event Staff. The main hall has ceiling fans.
Refrigeration for Medications Available With coordination with Feast Steward
Other Accessibility Notes

Equestrian Accessibility

Equestrian Suitability (yes/No + Description)
60x60 meters of level ground?
Reserved Parking space for trailers with turn around space?
Water source for horses?
Shade Trees?
Electrical source?
Wished for: On-Site pens/arenas/fencing?

Event Staff Feedback/Notes



This event site was first identified by Ragnar of Ragnarsrock in 1992. The then-Shire of Mooneschadowe held their first event at Will Rogers in 1993. (Mooneschadowe Guardian XIII)

Will Rogers has been in use by the SCA for well over 20 years. It is the frequent site of the Barony of Northkeep for it's spring event, Castellan, and for the Province of Mooneschadowe for its Fall Triumphe event. It was the event site for Ansteorra 40th Year. At least two Crown Tournaments have been held there. Northkeep's Baronial Investiture was held there.

In 2018, an effort to revamp the fort was initiated by members of the Barony of Northkeep.

During COVID, Mooneschadowe hosted Triumphe Eternia, a virtual event with an 'Enhanced Experience' box of goodies that was a fundraiser for Will Rogers.

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