Vindheim Bake-Off

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The Vindheim Bake-Off is a repeating baking competition / fundraising bake sale, which is the brainchild and ongoing labor of love of Karl Thorgeirsson.

Initial Announcement

Since permission has been granted, and there has been enough initial excitement, the first Vindheim Rolling Bake-Off will commence at Axeman!

After the judging, baked items will go into a bake sale (minus the bits that will be eaten by the judges, so please send enough for others besides the judges to enjoy the fruits of your labors). The bake sale proceeds will be split evenly between the local group’s coffers and that of the Principality.

1. All bakers may enter. Presence not required to enter or win. (Send your goodies with someone else if you can’t come—I want to include everyone who wants to play.)
1a. Please only place your name on the outside of the container you send your individually-wrapped goodies in. All goods will be judged blind. Also please include a list of ingredients for those with allergies and sensitivities.
2. Entries must have portions individually wrapped to follow the kingdom’s guidelines for foodstuffs during the pandemic. Ziploc bags are apparently good enough for Oklahoma’s rules on individually-wrapped portions, so there you go.
3. You are to have fun. That is all I ask. I want to see what you all make, be it pastry or bread, cookies or brownies, savory or sweet—it does not matter. I will have a pass-around prize (medieval style French rolling pin) that I will hand off at the first event to the winner, and which will be passed on to the next winner as the Bake-Off rolls from event to event.
One other thing. Your entry does not need to be made from Period recipes. Those are always welcome, but modern recipes are perfectly fine.
That is all. If you have any questions, please let me know.
HL Karl Thorgeirsson

Iron Bakers

Number Date Group Event Iron Baker Notes
1 November 11, 2021 Skorragarðr Axeman Sabine Lefevre d'Armagnac Funds Raised: $95 for the Canton of Skorragardr and $94 for the Principality. Prize: checkerboard rolling pin
2 December 11, 2021 Mooneschadowe Vindheim Premier Coronet Tourney Isabeau Wynter - stroopwaffles Funds Raised: $550 for the Principality. Prize: Checkerboard rolling pin of olivewood
3 February 26, 2022 Mooneschadowe Provincial Games Anastasiia Dmitrieva Sokolova - dark chocolate coconut truffles The bake sale earned $390, which was split evenly between Mooneschadowe and the Principality. Prize: Olivewood rolling pin
4 Namron Beltane Thöra Röarsdöttir - Raspberry shortbread cookies The bake sale brought in $370.00 -- $185 each for Namron and the principality. Prize: Cooling rack
5 June 17, 2022 Namron Vindheim Coronet Tourney II Zubeydah - Kahlua Brownies The bake sale raised $371, and all funds went to the Principality. Prize: Olivewood rolling pin
6 October 22, 2022 Wyldewode Northern Border Skirmish Kiah of Northkeep - Butter Pecan Cookies The bake sale raised $313, and funds were split between the Canton and the Principality. Prize: Egyptian Olivewood rolling pin
7 December 17, 2022 Wiesenfeuer Wiesenfeuer Yule Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe - Lemon curd tarts with fresh fruit The bake sale raised $338, and funds were split between the Barony and the Principality. Prize: 9” mini rolling pin of birdseye maple
8 October 21, 2023 Wyldewode Northern Border Skirmishes Isabeau Wynter - pumpkin cake Funds Raised: $129.00 Sending folks to Gulf War. Prize: heavy duty rolling pin