Tales of Vindheim Premier Coronet Tourney

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Michall Morison

(Written December 13, 2021)
I wanted to take a second to talk about one of the most important moments for me, one that will likely stick with me forever.

Just before the finals, I had seen Count (now his Highness) Romanius knelt on the ground in the field.

I approached him and asked, as I regularly ask my fighter friends and opponents, "Hey brother, are you feeling good?"

He responded was (this is an approximation, I hope he'll forgive me) "Yes, feeling good, maybe a bit old, but good. How are you feeling?"

I tend to be overly honest, especially about my feelings so I simply told him the truth, "I'm nervous, which I think makes sense, but yeah I'm just trying to kill some of these butterflies right now."

And Romanius nodded and said "Well, I want you to know that you would have my support. If you were to win, me and Deanna would help you however we could and we think you would do an excellent job."

There are so many ways that a man could have reacted to me admitting my nerves. Everything from no response at all to making sure I knew I -should- be nervous, to much worse things. But right before we competed to determine who would be the first Prince of Vindheim, Romanius made sure to speak kindly, offer me confidence, and be a friend.

That is, to me, exactly the kind of knight and leader I strive to be one day. And makes me incredibly proud to look to him as my Prince.

There is so so much to talk about from Saturday, but I wanted to share this moment and what it meant to me and how proud I am that this is the leadership we have in Vindheim and the sort of peer that we have in our Kingdom.

Andrew Turnbull

The story called Vindheim had its opening pages written this past Saturday. Vivat Romanius, who sits as Her first Prince, and his inspiration, Princess Deanna. I was honored to be one of the first list of heroes who sought the Coronets.

The day was cold, but fierce were the fires of we combatants. It was a joy to face Lord Oddr Marsson, Baron Micolay Haiduk and Centurion Bjorn Hauksson - who bested me after some amazing and VERY taxing combat. Thank you so much, my friends.

Throughout the day my AMAZING wife was supportive and understanding of the time I needed to do what I was doing and did very little chiding of my not being able to watch the boys. My Love, you are beyond words. I Love You.

In evening court, I watched from a distance as so many well deserved folk were recognized for their hard work and the fruits of their labors, all the while holding Ozzy against my chest as he finally got to nap.

Until the Centurions were called and we welcomed two new brothers, who I have called friend for some time. Congratulations again Set and Turpin! I was in the back with my brother Centurions when the Order or Chivalry was called. Until I heard my name cried out. My heart stopped.

I am honored to be asked to join such an Order and to stand with such ranks of Gentles that I saw and still see as heroes, mentors and dear friends. My thanks (humble and deep) to Their Stellar Majesties Floki and Elizabeth for this offer which I accepted with all my heart.

What a glorious day.
So say I, Andrew Turnbull, Knight-Elect.

Áshildr inn Hárfagri

Photo by Melanie Gallon

I didn't expect much of an adventure, BUT THERE I WAS. I'd offered to herald three processions. The Barony of Namron, because I'm the Namron herald, His Excellency, Micolay Haiduk, since he wanted to fight as the Baron of Namron, and Centurion Mícauley because he and Dýrfinna Mikaelsdóttir asked nicely and their vibes are immaculate. I spend days fretting about what to say, suddenly cutting down my scripts to a third of its length to fit new time requirements, showing up Friday to walk the site and become the unit of measurement for Annais and Ivo since I'm one of the shortest heralds in the north, and War of the Rams.

Day of. I herald Namron in, run back around, herald Micolay in, run back around, herald Mícauley in, and walk away shaking. I'd done it. It's fine. I did a good enough job, I made my Baron and Baronowa proud and my friends happy, I had herald shakes and was gonna have somebody hug the soul out of me. Then out of the blue I'm accosted by what feels like half my friends, led by Jason Drysdale, declaring the deadly bye needs heralding in. The deadly bye is also my friend! So of course! But I don't have something a page long written up! Never fear, says Jason. Its better to keep it short anyways, neither crown nor court herald knows we're doing this. I fret while we walk back to the start of procession area, I'm cued by the site heralds, and begin shouting over the court herald and striding towards the crown. If Floki sees fit to kick my butt, Jason will be my meatshield, I've decided. If HRM Elizabeth sees fit to kick my butt, I will simply die. Behind me the procession cowers in fear from the deadliest byfighter in the known world, fighting as the Dread Pirate Roberts. I deliver the shortest speech yet, present our deadly bye Bjorn hestr Hauksson to the crown, and skedaddle away to surprised laughter.

And that's how, for better or worse, I heralded 4 of the processions at the Vindheim Premier Coronet Tourney.