Robin steps down as Golden Staff Herald

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These are the words of Robin Carrot, upon stepping down from Golden Staff Herald:

Greetings To the Most Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra,

I, Monsieur Robin Carrotine de Chantenay Carrot bid you all the best and greatest of salutations.

In July 2018, the hottest July of my experience, I became the First ever Vox Eius Gloriosum of Ansteorra after being soundly intimidated by so many excellent heralds of our kingdom and so afraid of messing up. In October of that same year, I heralded my first baronial court for Their Excellencies Cynric and Seraphina of Bjornsborg. That night I was flanked by two great men, Ivarr Runmagi and Sir Ken. As they held those torches and I tried my best to pronounce the names as best I could, despite my lower back becoming a painful knot that made the coming corrections from the person sat behind me just that more irritating, I completed that court and was told by Baron Cynric that one day, I would be Royal Herald. I thought to myself after he said this " Ok, I believe you. I totally believe you, but it’s not going to be tomorrow, it’s not going to be next month, next year etc. , so Im not going to gold my breath. ”

Little did I know that in January of 2020, after I heralding for 3 fighters of our realm during the Crown Tournament: Amra Shieldsplitter, Nikolai Valentine and Amra’s Squire, Draug, whose last name escapes me. (Sorry Draug), that my timing was way off. Draug was not told that he needed a herald until he arrived to the Lyst field, so he came to me and I improvised an entrance for him and his Lady in under an hour. Later that day, Duke Jason, at that time, the Prince asked me if I would be his Royal Herald. I said Yes, pending the approval of Their Ursine Excellencies. And the rest is now, I hope, part of Ansteorran history.

Yesterday, was the stepdown court of Jason and Margherita, Third of Their Name. I was their Golden Staff for almost two years consecutively. That’s probably a record, I don’t know, that’s for the history to reveal. In appreciation for this, as far as I know, unprecedented show of noble and perpetual endurance, I was awarded The King’s Gauntlet and a Golden Star (Actual Golden star favor not in the picture)

During my time as Golden Staff, I encountered so many of our stellar populace in places of our realm I thought I wouldn’t venture. I learned so much about the inner working of our kingdom and how vast and diverse it is not only in real physical expanse, but in the inner working of each and every shire, barony, stronghold and canton I had the privilege to visit.

In this time, I also got to do what I wanted and needed to do not only as a SCAdian but as a herald. I passed the baton of the Vox Eius Gloriosum to its new holder, composed a song for the then Queen, and slot of other compositions as well as doing the work of the Golden Staff and now I stand on this side of that reign two times a baronial champion, two times a sable thistle recipient and reasonably-versed in my area of expertise in our society. But also during this time, I had to learn a lesson because I breathe. During this time, in addition the year that was 2020, I had my craft and my work for TRM ridiculed needlessly with other actions adding to the stress of the ridicule. These remarks and actions almost lead me to the point where I almost left the society, but didn’t. I decided to do what I always had to do and be stronger than their ridicule because those words they used to critique me come from a place of ignorance whether they know it or not. I will remain here in this kingdom with all of you, baring the working of outside forces, because despite the harmful rhetoric, it was greatly out weighted by the kind, supportive and encouraging words not only of my King and my Queen but also of You, the great populace of Ansteorra that repeatedly and consistently told me wherever I went: "Good Job," "You’re awesome," "I like your heraldry," "I like when you mess up the names," "Keep up the good work" and "We love you. " And every time I go into the room of my house where I keep my SCA stuff and am reminded tremendously of the good of our society, it outweighs any ill thought remark.

So I take this time to not only thank you, Ansteorra and the incipient principality of Vindheim, but to also take this time to thank, honestly and with the deepest humility, those stellar individuals Of the populace who helped me so much during this time including:

Their Now Graces Jason Drysdale and Margherita de Mantua.

Also (in no particular order) : Jan w Orzeldom, Marianna Garcia, Alisandre Oliphant, Cynric of Bedwyn, Seraphina Maslowska, Ivarr runamagi, Biatrichi Canzionari di Palermo, Kateline de Lys, Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair, Modius von Mergentheim, Brian O'hUilliam, Miles Ridley, Michele Gaddis, Marie de Meaux, Zubeydah Al-Badawiyyah, Caterina Giovanni di Gilead, Orlando Giovanni de Gilead, and many, many others. .

I thank you with humility and gratitude and to let you know I could not not have done it without you, Ansteorra, the populace that reminded me to eat, to drink, and to rest, with whom I conversed when I wasn’t running around making sure things were in order, who supported me as I supported those whom were unsure by letting them know if I can be the herald that runs around and keeps it together for not just my crown but my kingdom and have it be excellent in the end, trust me, you have nothing to worry about.

So now I say this to my kingdom, my barony and my households, Domus Ursi Minoris and Palazzo Canzionari , I thank you all for your support over this past almost two years. May the honor of this award be bestowed not only on me but also on my households, barony and this Kingdom for its glory and prestige in the Known World.

Merci Beaucoup de mon coeur,
The Masked Herald of Ansteorra