Miles Ridley

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Registered Name: Miles Ridley
Resides: Bjornsborg
Status: Active
Joined SCA: 2015
Order of Precedence
Miles Ridley

Vert, on a chevron between three lions passant Or three trees palewise blasted and couped vert.
Achievement Art by Emma de Davyntre

His Excellency, Master Miles Ridley, WSA, MOD

Previously Known As: Brenan Ridley
Nickname(s): Baron Bjornling
Pronouns: He/Him

Additional Registered Heraldry:

The following badge associated with this name was registered in June of 2019 (via Ansteorra): Sable, a bear rampant maintaining a sword between four mullets of eight points two and two argent. for Domus Ursae Minoris

Household Badge

Ursae Minoris, Domus: This household name was registered to Miles Ridley in June of 2019 (via Ansteorra).


Mantling 1: Sable
Mantling 2: Erminois
Helm: Burgonet argent, faces Dexter
Crest: Mullet of eight points sable
Dexter Supporter: Bear rampant argent
Sinister Supporter: Falcon Or
Motto: Beauty, Valor, Honor
Notes: Arms encircled by a white livery collar bearing the badge of the Order of Defense.


  • Regional Offices Held
    • Southern Regional Seneschal
  • Kingdom Offices Held
    • Kingdom Rapier Marshal

Persona History:

Born in 1540, currently in year 1573 Durham England. Miles Ridley is a 33 year old nobleman who keeps track of his families "financial affairs". Someone who looks very similar to him is rumored to be frequently seen around the Northern English Border, causing trouble, but a gentleman and peer of the realm would never lower themselves to such conduct.


  • Royal Tennis
  • Rapier Combat
  • English Broadsword
  • English Longsword
  • Elizabethan Fashion
  • Romans
  • Archery
  • Scribal

Timeline of Activity:


2015- Began in the Stronghold of Hellsgate at Maelgwyn Dda's weekly open shop night. Maelgwyn provided a fresh meal each open shop night which provided the perfect place for a broke college student's beginning in the SCA.
2015 April- First Event- Coronation of Sven and Antigone II with the Order of Defense Premiers announcement April 2015.
2015 May- Watched first Rapier Tournament (Queen's Champion), and witnessed Mateo Monterro de Madrid's elevation to the Order of Defense at Castleton.
2015 October- Authorized in Rapier Combat and Participated in First Tournament in Bryn Gwlad (slaughtered).


2016 March- Attended first Gulf Wars (GULFNADO) and actually went back the next year...
2016 August- Attended first Pennsic War & obtained his first pair of boots...
2016 March- Won first tournament at Gulf Wars "Never won a Tourney Tourney". The prize was an amazing sword, which he then named "Slim Sexy"; this sword has been primarily used by newcomers since to assist with their start in SCA Rapier Combat.
2016 May- Cadetted to Miguel Vaello y Drago de Villa Joiosa and John Drake at Sonja the I's Queen's Champion.
2016 November- Became Bryn Gwlad Financial Committe Populous Representative.


2017 March- Gulf Wars Rapier Champions Fight (non-scarved) victor. Defeated (now Master) Duke Yoan Moon Yang of Trimeris.
2017 May- Became Gwen III's Queen's Champion as a cadet.
2017 November- Received his White Scarf from his Queen and became the first member of the Order of the White Scarf who had been authorized after the creation of the Order of Defense.


2018 March- Gulf Wars Rapier Champions Fight (white-scarves) singles victor.
2018 March- Gulf Wars Rapier Champions Fight (white-scarves) melee representative.
2018 July- Became the Southern Regional Seneschal of Ansteorra.


2019 March- Gulf War Second in Command- Ansteorra and Allies' Rapier Army.
2019 March- Gulf War Rapier Champions Fight (white-scarves) representative.
2019 July- Became the Bjornsborg Rapier Marshal.
2019 October- Elevated to the Order of Defense at Castleton, the same site which he witness his first Rapier tournament and the elevation Mateo Monterro de Madrid just four years prior. He became the first Ansteorran Master of Defense who had been authorized after the creation of the Order of Defense.
2019 October- Offered Vitoria de Vera with a red scarf and collar, making her his first Cadet and future provost.

2017, 2018, 2019- War of the Rams Undefeated flag captor, they had to cancel 2020 War of the Rams for the sole purpose of breaking his flag capture streak...


Instructor at the Sable Legionnaire event.
Online Rapier Teaching Videos during lockdown.
Event Steward for Bjornsborg Virtual Yule


Exercising due caution in his estate, avoiding the plague.
Virtually recording videos to help people return to training at their homes.


Became Kingdom Rapier Marshal.


Introduced Reduced Armor Experiment to Ansteorra, with Don Santiago
Made it to the Semi-finals of Royal Blade with an English Basket Hilt and Reaver Dagger.


Worked with other Kingdom Rapier Marshals and Society for 2024 SCA Fencing Marshal’s Handbook updates.

Prior Groups:

Populace Provided Information:

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:

Event Coordination and Leadership

  • Everyman Tournament coordinator Gulf Wars 2017
  • Event Steward for Bjornsborg Virtual Yule 2020
  • Bjornsborg Virtual Yule Autocrat 2020
  • San Japan Demo Co-Autocrat 2021
  • San Japan Demo Co-Autocrat 2022
  • San Japan Demo Co-Autocrat 2023
  • Round Table Open Marshals Meeting Leader 2024


  • AKON Demo panelist 2017
  • Ffynnon Gath War of Ages rapier combat coordinator 2018
  • San Antonio Renfest Demo rapier combat coordinator 2018
  • San Japan Demo fighting coordinator & panelist 2019
  • Sable Legionnaire Instructor 2020
  • Virtual Academy of the Rapier instructor 2020
  • Recruitment and Retention of Young People panelist 2020
  • Fighting the World 13: The Next Generation panelist 2020
  • Instructor at the Sable Legionnaire event 2020
  • Online Rapier Teaching Videos during lockdown 2020

Marshallate Projects

Worked with other Kingdom Rapier Marshals and Society for 2024 SCA Fencing Marshal’s Handbook updates.

Non-Armigerous Awards and Recognitions:

Golden Martlet of Bryn Gwlad / T.E. Gavin and Wentiliana - September 2017
Ursae Manos of Bjornsborg / T.E. Cynric & Seraphina - December 2018
Ursae Animus of Bjornsborg / T.E Ivar Runmagi and Christiana Ivarsdottir February 2022


Mundane Information:


Special Needs:

Severely allergic to cats. Asthmatic.

In Case of Court:

Please notify my spouse so they can attend - Petronilla Asteria Peregrina.