Pendaran Glamorgan

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Pendaran Glamorgan Portrait.jpg
Pennsic War, 1999
Registered Name: Pedran Glamorgan
Resides: Bryn Gwlad
Status: Active
Joined SCA: 1986
Order of Precedence
Pendaran Glamorgan
Pedran Glamorgan 2.png
Argent, a chalice azure between in bend sinister two talbot's heads erased sable, all between two scarpes vert.

H.E. Sir Pendaran Glamorgan, KSCA, MP, ML, Lion of Ansteorra

Previously Known As: Brian of Glamorgan

Additional Registered Heraldry:


  • Kingdom Offices Held

General Information:

I am a knight who was fortunate enough to find a home in Ansteorra and walk among heroes and witness their mighty deeds. I've been gone for too long and am returning to the lands I've loved since first I arrived in AS 25.

Persona History:

I am from Gloucester, in central England and fought in the French Wars of King Edward III. It was there, in France, where I met my wife, Jehanne, whom I brought back to England. We settled on our manor of Twin Oak in Gloucester and lived there until we came to Ansteorra to avoid the Black Death. We settled in the Barony of Bryn Gwlad and live in our manor of Twin Oak outside the barony.


Chivalric combat, performance, armor, Ansteorran history.

Timeline of Activity:

Prior Groups:

Populace Provided Information:

Sir Caladin Ironhearth

"Sir Pups and Cups! He once sold Duke Kein (then the baby knight) for a half bottle of wine..."

Ivarr runamagi

"This young man has been the source of many a good time and wonderful stories over the years. I like to think of him as one of the legends of Ansteorra."

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:

I have drunk beer with Sir Ricardo di Pisa...

Shared stories at the long fire with Master Ragnar...

Served as Kingdom Bard...

Married the greatest and most beautiful lady I've ever known...

Heralded the victorious Ansteorran army off the field at Pennsic...

Won the favor of the Lady of Lyoness...

Had the great honor of serving as the Baron of Bryn Gwlad...

Helped carry HG Sir Rowan von Kampher aloft from the field following her victory in Crown Tournament...

Have had the good fortune of sharing the field, feast table and campfire with heroes and legends who have gifted me with more stories and greater memories than any man could every hope for.

Non-Armigerous Awards and Recognitions:


Mundane Information:

Special Needs:

In Case of Court: