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About the Household

House Rookery is a Service Minded Household that volunteers to support and continue the Dream of the SCA. To mentor and guide other service minded individuals to reach their full potential as Servants to their Barony, Kingdom and the Society.


House Rookery was in development for over a year, and formally organized on January 20, 2020. The founders of the household were all members of the Barony of Namron’s Hospitaler Team. Through serving on this team, they discovered a love of serving their Barony and Kingdom and wanted to form a household that upholds and encourages volunteering.



  • January 20: House Formation
  • February 17: BBQ at The Rookery



The household name is in honor of Ragnar Kelson of Durham’s spirit animal- The Raven. The founders discussed the many names of ravens i.e. convocati, murder, etc. but settled on rookery because that is where ravens nest. The three ravens represent the three founders.

House Traditions and Guidelines

  • The House must have three leaders (TRIUMVIRATE) at all times to ensure fairness and equality in the household.
  • New inquires are welcome to apply with any member of the household.
  • New inquires are put to a vote between household members with the founders/Leadership having the final decision.
  • New inquiries to the household must volunteer at six separate events before they can become full household members.
  • Cannot be a member of another household.
  • Must uphold HONOR, CHIVALRY and RESPECT at all times.
  • Must volunteer with household official events.
  • Removal from the Household for serious offences of any kind will occur.


Founding Members

General Members

Honorary Members