Frederick von Dresen

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Moments after being named King's Champion
Registered Name: Frederick von Dresen
Resides: Rosenfeld
Status: Active
Joined SCA: 1988
Order of Precedence
Frederick von Dresen
Frederick von Dresen Device.png
Azure, two scarpes between three mullets of four points and a crescent Or.

Centurion Frederick von Dresen

Previously Known As: Frederick of Rosenfeld

Additional Registered Heraldry:


  • Local Offices Held

Persona History:

Having a early 14th century German persona, Frederick hails from the German controlled Teutonic frontier outpost of Driesen (Latinized to Dresen) in Polish territory. In keeping with tradition of an Azure field and Or charges like his parents and siblings, his device is: Azure, two scarpes between three mullets of four points and a crescent Or.


His main passion in the society is chivalric fighting which he has been practicing off and on since the age of sixteen. In this pursuit his first teacher and continuing mentor is his dad, Duke Patrick Michael Gordonne. Frederick would later become a student of Duke Miguel Sebastian de Oporto and become his squire on July 10, 2016. Since this point, Frederick would go on to become Chivalric Champion of Eldern Hills, win the Squires portion of Loch Soilleir and Stargate’s Squires, Cadets, and Arcarius, Receive the Sable Talon for chivalric combat, be granted entry to The Order of the Centurions of the Sable Star, and become King’s Champion to Miguel III.

Frederick also has a liking to the arts. Having been involved in music since the age of twelve, Frederick has classical training in Trombone and Bass, taught himself Guitar and is working on Mandolin. Every now and again he can be spotted playing at events. On occasion, he and Duke Miguel get together to collaborate which led to the performance at the Green Dragon that was used to announce Mistress Adelaide de Beaumont. Apart from music, Fredrick is a brewer and a mead maker. Throughout the year there is usually anywhere from twenty to forty gallons of beer on hand in kegs and usually 15 gallons of mead being made. He is willing to share recipes and tips on brewing beer and mead making. At Serpent’s Symposium 2018, he gave a class on mead making which involved setting up a small batch for fermentation to demonstrate the process.

Equestrian activities have been a recent interest to Frederick. He began pursuing riding more seriously in May of 2018. Mundanely, Frederick participates in Hunter/Jumper activities. He is very interested in participating more in the SCA realm of equestrian endeavors.

In terms of service, Frederick participates in his shire and is active in stewarding events. He has been involved with the incarnation known as Three Centurions which was created as a mini war to spark a friendly rivalry that highlights up and coming members of the society in all endeavors. He has held the offices of Knight Marshal, Webminister and Deputy Seneschal for Rosenfeld. Other services have included entourage to the crown for which he has two King's Gauntlets.

Timeline of Activity:

  • 1988: Attended his first event at age 4.
  • 1993: Attended his first Gulf Wars
  • 2001: Attended and was able to fight on the field for the first time at Gulf Wars
  • 2002: Attended Pennsic War
  • 2018: Attended Pennsic War

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Original work by Emma Farewyll

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