Danielle de Marseille

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Registered Name: Danielle de Marseille
Resides: Northkeep
Status: Active
Joined SCA: 2003
Order of Precedence
Danielle de Marseille
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Per bend sinister argent and azure, a dragonfly vert and a honeysuckle blossom Or.

Honorable Lady Danielle de Marseille

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    • Northern Regional Scribe
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Kyna Terricsdottir

Danielle de Marseille once painted a scroll on a grain of rice.
Danielle once painted a scroll in front of the person it was for, with out them ever knowing. (This one is probably true.)

Zubeydah al-Badawiyyah

(Entry for the 2020 Virtual Namron Protectorate Writing Contest:)
When the Brush Was Mightier Than the Sword:

The year was Anno Societatis Forty, and the call had gone out from Baron Ulf Gunnarsson and his beloved Baroness, Mellilah Farasha Raushana bint Abdullah, that great feats of strength and wonder would be witnessed at their Protectorate event. The air was crisp and clean and clear that day, as the booming voice of Master Finnacán Dub rang out, calling forth the warriors of Ansteorra. Heroes took the field that day: the General of the Northern Armies, Sir Balvin Thorfinnsson, lithe as a cat. Syr Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahearn ap Llewellyn ap Gruffudd ap Gwent ap Bredd ap Camden ap Anarward, the belt of a knight new upon his waist, came hungry for glory. Sir Asoph Hearts, known as much for serving up such feasts as would make a man weep as he was for making them cry yield, was ready at the field, and alongside him, Prince Abd al-Mahdi Jamal ibn Hakim, beloved of the North and honorary Liondragon. Eschewing the marshal’s staff, instead bearing an axe resting upon one shoulder, Master Tarl Godric the Brokentoe stood ready to safeguard bystanders and uphold the honor of the field. All of this and more drew every eye to those twin squares, paced off in twin squares of rope, gaily festooned with tiny pennants.

And yet – it was not here, that I found the greatest example of strength and perseverance, that day.

Away from the chilly October draft, within the wooden long hall, where the scents of Owen Stott’s labors in the kitchen filled the chamber with savory goodness and set stomachs to growling, I found it. Garbed in a red linen kirtle over a white shift, a figure was slumped over the wooden trestle, brush still in hand. Bright pigments in small pots were strewn about, casualties of the battle. A kind soul had moved to safety the page that was her valorous field. There she was: wisps of blond hair concealing the kind smile that always curved her lips, and closed lashes hiding the keen eyes of an artisan and the merry heart of a woman beloved by many. She had battled all through the night and into the early hours of the day before succumbing to exhaustion: Lady Danielle de Marseille. Her labors were not for herself, but for one as yet unknown to her – for one of those who would be named champion that day. Fingers cramped, eyes blurring, she had painted through the entire night so that another would have tangible proof of the acclaim won.

It is the field of battle that first draws most eyes to the Society; the loud clash and clangor, the pageantry of the field, the boasting tales of daring-do told around the campfire whilst savoring a brew or two – but it is the sacrifice and labor of so many artisans who give of themselves that others may be wreathed in glory, where some of the greatest heroes can be found.

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:

  • Waterbearer in Charge, Gulf War 17
  • Prior Wiesenfeuer Bard (x2)
  • Bard of Northkeep
  • Event Steward, Namron Protectorate XXX
  • Event Steward, Crown Tournament, July 2008
  • Event Steward, Namron Beltane, 2008

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